Mini-Symposium on Real-Time/Embedded Systems

Parco 2005, Malaga, Spain
September 13, 2005
Deadline: September 5, 2005

The Mini-Symposium on Real-Time/Embedded Systems of ParCo 2005 invites contributions describing new and on-going research in embedded and real-time systems, theory, and applications. The main purpose of this Mini-Symposium is to provide researchers an opportunity to discuss their evolving ideas and gather feedback thereon from the embedded and real-time community at large. Ideas and techniques that exhibit unique and unconventional but promising approaches to important problems are especially welcome.

Submissions to this Mini-Symposium are expected to describe original work and there is no page limit. To submit a paper please email a pdf version to Albert Cheng or Ecker Klaus.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: 	September 5, 2005
Notification: 		September 8, 2005
Mini-Symposium:         September 13, 2005

For additional information, please contact the Mini-Symposium Co-chairs:

        Albert M. K. Cheng
        Real-Time Systems Laboratory
        Department of Computer Science
        University of Houston
        Houston, TX  77204, USA
        Phone: 713-743-3353

        Klaus Ecker

        Jerome Delatour
        ESEO, Equipe de recherche TRAME
        4, rue Merlet de la Boulaye
        BP 30926 - 49009 Angers cedex 01, France
        Tel : (33).
        Fax : (33).