The Texas Center for Computational
and Information Sciences (TCCIS)


The operations of the TCCIS is organized into five areas:

Application Development
Systems Operations
Training, Education and User Services
Intercenter Coordination and Planning
External relations

S. Lennart Johnsson, Cullen Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering is the Director.

Dan Davison, Associate Professor of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences and Computer Science is the Associate Director for Systems Operations.

Roland Glowinski, Cullen Professor of Mathematics, serves as Liaison for Government and Industrial affairs.

Bowen Loftin, Professor of Computer Science, and Professor of Physics at the University of Houston Downtown is the Associate Director for Training, Education and User Services.

Montgomery Pettitt, Cullen Professor of Chemistry, Biochemsitry and Computer Science, is the Associate Director for Intercenter Coordination and Planning.

Ridgway Scott, M.D. Anderson Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, is the Associate Director for Application Development.

The TCCIS has the Texas Center for Advanced Molecular Computation (TCAMC), the Institute for Molecular Design (IMD), and the Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory (VETL) as member Centers, Institutes and Laboratories.