Department of Computer Science

COSC 4377 - Introduction to Computer Networks
Section 07662
Spring 2001


Assignment 1

Due in the class, on Monday, January 29, 2001

This is a warm-up assignment. You have to search most answers from Internet. This assignment weights 50 points.

The usual note:


  1. Internet standards are defined by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) ( and published as RFCs (Request For Comments).
    1. When is the first RFC published? What is the topic? Who submitted it?
    2. How many RFCs have been published?
    3. When is the latest RFC published? What is the topic? Who submitted it?
      [Hint: Look for index of RFCs from]
    (21 points)
  2. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C; is considered as the leading organization for World Wide Web standard development, such as HTTP, HTML, XML, etc. Visit W3C's web site and find answers for the following questions.
    1. What is the latest version of specifications of the following standards (not draft)?
      • HTML
      • HTTP
      • XML
    2. PNG is a replacement of which graphic format?
    3. P3P stands for what?
    (15 points)
  3. Internet2 ( is said to be the platform for next generation of Internet.
    1. List 3 Texas Universities other than University of Houston which are participating Internet2.
      [Hint: Look for member universities.]
    2. University of Houston connects to Internet2 through Texas GigaPop. The network operates through a very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS). The vBNS operates at OC-12 speeds. What is the speed of OC-12 (in Mbps or Mega Bits per second)?
      [Hint: Do a search of "OC-12" or "Gigapop" on UH's Web search ( .]
    (12 points)
  4. If you write down your name and e-mail address on the cover page, you earn 2 points.

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