Current students

Future students

If you are already accepted to our PhD program please send me a short message explaining why you would like to work with me. Otherwise, please apply to our PhD program: your application will be given full consideration and most PhD students receive financial support (i.e. an assistantship position). In general, avoid sending me a message with your CV or long explanations about your skills and job experience (I will not read these messages, sorry). I am always looking for motivated PhD students, willing to learn "systems" research to solve big data analytics problems. Unfortunately, I cannot provide support for BS students, MS students or postdocs. If you apply to our PhD program and would like to work with me, send me email after you read my papers and you convince me why you would be a good student in my group. I do not expect a PhD student to be an expert on my research topics before joining my group. But it is desirable, a student has background (at the college level) in the following topics (in at least three of them):
  • Linear Algebra
  • Basic numerical analysis
  • machine learning (I do not care about deep neural net learning)
  • Multivariate statistical models
  • Salable and parallel search and sorting algorithms; external memory data structures
  • C++ programming, complemented by R, Java, Python
  • SQL query optimization
The job prospect for parallel database systems students is excellent, especially in the DBMS industry, search engines and IT departments in companies that have big data.

Past students who worked with me

PhD students

  • Javier Garcia-Garcia, PhD, 2008; PhD UNAM (UNAM (Professor), Mexico)
  • Zhibo Chen, MS 2009, PhD, 2011 (Haliburton, Oil)
  • Carlos Garcia-Alvarado, MS, 2008, PhD 2012 (Amazon, Database cloud services)
  • Yiqun Zhang, MS, 2016, PhD 2017 (VoltDB, transaction processing DBMS)
  • Wellington Cabrera, MS, 2015, PhD 2017 (Teradata, parallel DBMS)

MS students

  • Naveen Mohanam, MS, 2013 (TIBCO, Database software company)
  • Manish Limaye, MS, 2011 (Riversand Technologies, Business Software)
  • Anu Goyal, MS, 2009 (ABB, Energy)
  • Sasi Pitchaimalai, MS, 2008
  • Mario Navas, MS, 2009 (DBMS Consultant in Ecuador)
  • David Matusevich, MS, 2016 (Schlumberger)
  • Kai Zhao, MS, 2009 (China Reinsurance Asset Management Corp.)