COSC 6360 Web Resources

    1.    Fall 2016 course syllabus

    2.    Fall 2016 reading list (with links to papers and PowerPoint/Shockwave presentations). Accessing the papers from any computer outside the UH domain will require a login ("cosc6360") and a password, to be given in class. (PDF)

    3.    PowerPoint presentations

    4.    Assignments will be posted of the course Piazza web page.

    5.    NEW Papers on the first fall 2016 quiz

    6.    Papers on the second fall 2016 quiz

    7.    Papers on the third fall 2015 quiz

    8.    Papers on the fourth fall 2015 quiz

    9.    Papers on the fifth fall 2015 quiz

 10.    Past quizzes, midterms and final examinations (in text, PowerPoint or PDF formats)

 11.    Reading lists of related courses that I have taught

 12.    My home page

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