NSA and DHS Award Ceremony - University of Houston is a Center of Academic Excellence for Information Assurance Education - From L to R: Mr. David Wennergren, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management and Technology & DoD Deputy Chief Information Officer; Dr. Rakesh Verma, Dr. Elizabeth Anderson Fletcher, Associate Vice President of Research, Dr. Michael L. Gibson, Professor & Chair of the Information & Logistics Technology Department, Dr. William Arthur Conklin, Assistant Professor for TPM-ISS, Mr. Edward Crowley, Instructional Associate Professor for TPM-ISS, Ms. Brenda Oldfield, Department of Homeland Security, Director of Education & Training; and Mr. Richard "Dickie" George, National Security Agency, Information Assurance Directorate Technical Director.
Research Group Dinner at Shiva's Summer 2008 - From L to R: Wei, Zhiyao, myself, Nicholas, Bailey, Katie, Vaneet, David, Susu, Susu's mom and sister.
Interview on Voting Machine Security by Channel 13 (ABC) - Air Date: Oct 6, 2016