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Dr.Ing. (1987), Electronics Engineering, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

M.S. (1990), Biomedical
, University of Houston

Ph.D. (1994), Electrical
, University of Houston

Associate Editor, IEEE EMBS Transactions on Biomedical Engineering









228 PGH Hall

Mailing Address:

501 PGH Hall

Computer Science

University of Houston

Houston, TX77204-3010



Books by

CRC Press

A Concise Guide to Intraoperative


George Zouridakis

Director Biomedical Imaging Lab


Research Interests

Neuroengineering, Biomedical Imaging, Computational Biomedicine, Functional Brain Mapping, Biosignal Analysis and Modeling



Research Projects

Computational Tracking of Human Learning

Brain connectivity analysis using Granger’s causality of human learning during performance of complex tasks that involve strategic and visuomotor components.


Advanced Techniques for Biosignal Analysis

Techniques based on independent component analysis for improved estimation of brain signals in healthy subjects and patients that can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

Functional Brain Mapping

Localization of brain areas involved with higher cognitive functions, such as memory and language, in normal subjects and patients, that can be used for presurgical planning.



Skin Cancer Detection

Development of an automated decision-support system with a graphical user interface that can facilitate physician diagnosis and help with the early detection of skin cancer and, in particular, of melanoma.



Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Tools for automated segmentation and registration of diffusion tensor MRI scans to Talairach space to quantify brain white matter in normal subjects and ALS patients.



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$900K NSF Grant
Fosters Collaborations in
Computer Science, Medicine

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