COSC 6367 (Dr. Eick) - Spring 2007
Project 1


Report Guidelines

Refer to the original project specification for description of the report.
Please refer to slides 3 and 4 of Eick on Using EC for Transportation Problems, which discuss things to observe and report: fitness, diversity, etc.

Include formulas/discussion about how you are calculating observed metrics. Also, please include a copy of your program’s output.

Program Termination Condition

Total number of new solutions generated = 60,000

Terminate your program when this condition is reached. Assuming population size is constant per generation, if your population selection model is:

Generational selection: new solutions = number of generations * population size
Steady-state selection: new solutions = initial population size + number of surviving offspring added to the population

Generational selection: The surviving offspring become the entire next generation. No individuals are retained between generations.
Steady-state selection: Some offspring survive and replace less-fit members of the previous generation. Some individuals are retained between generations.


Run your program 3 times for each problem (e.g. with a different random number generator seed) and report the results.

2 data sets * 4 cost functions * 3 runs = 24 result sets


Submit electronically, by email to TA (
  1. Project report
  2. Source code
  3. Makefile, project files
  4. README file
Submit hard-copy in class.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Mary or Dr. Eick.

Good luck !!!