UH's Data Mining and Machine Learning Group --- UH-DMML People


Graduate Students

Name Email Research Area
Abraham Bagherjeiran bagher@alltel.net Artificial Government & Adaptive Clustering
Idris Bello ayodejibello@yahoo.com Data Mining for Particle Physics
Chunsheng Chen lyons19tw@sbcglobal.net Distance Function Learning
Manav Goel mgoel@Central.UH.edu Learning and Anytime Algorithms
Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin rachsuda@cs.uh.edu Online Data Mining
Dan Jiang djiang@cs.uh.edu Spatial Data Mining
Mayuresh Khare mayurkhare@yahoo.com Mining Medical Data
Ruth Miller ruth_huang@yahoo.com Web Annotation
Mark Peterson ...@... Support Vector Machines
Puneet Sarda puneet_ce@yahoo.com Signal Enhancement using Multi-variate Classification Techniques with Applications in Particle Physics
Vipul Sharma vsharma2@uh.edu Scientific Discovery
Chaofan Sun chaofan.sun@mail.uh.edu Feature Selection
Kuo-Chieh Ting kcting@cs.uh.edu Mining Structured Data
Banafsheh Vaezian bvaezian@cs.uh.edu Supervised Grid-based Clustering, Measures of Interestingness for Spatial Data Mining
Jing Wang jwang3@cs.uh.edu Hierarchical and Density-based Supervised Clustering Algorithms, Mining Geological Datasets
Sujing Wang
sujingwa@cs.uh.edu Nearest Neighbor Classifiers, Data Set Editing and Compression
Meikang Wu
meikang@gmail.com Thematic Classification in Spatial Datasets, Index Structures for Spatial Datasets
Nidal Zeidat nzeidat@juno.com Supervised Clustering, Clustering for Classification, Editing

Former Graduate Students

Name Email Research Area Graduated
Alain Rouhana rouhana@cs.uh.edu Distance Function Learning Fall 2003
Zhenghong Zhao xxyzzh@yahoo.com Supervised Clustering Algorithms Spring 2004
Murali Achari amkchari@cs.uh.edu Clustering for Classification Fall 2004
Wei Kang ...@... Clustering of Mars Surface Data Spring 2005
Kim Wee
kwee@cs.uh.edu Region Discovery using Supervised Clustering Spring 2005

last updated: August 16, 2005