Teaching Material COSC 6367 (Dr. Eick)

GOALS: Goals of COSC 6367
INTRO1: Flying Circus' Introduction to EC and Survey of EC-approaches (subset to be used in lectures)
INTRO2: Dr. Eick's Introduction to EC (just look at the first 5 transparencies)
INTRO3: EC-Tutorial (read the first 2 chapters!)
REF1: Dr. Eick's EC-links(created in 1998 as part of a technology review; some links might be broken)
REF2: EC Internet Resources: GA-Archives
INTRO4: Introduction and Optimization Example EC (library)
THEORY: Schema Theorem and Theoretical Foundations of EC (library)
INTRO5: General Remarks Evolutionary Programming
OSEARCH: Other Search Techniques: Hill Climbing, Survey Simulated Annealing.
NUMOPT: Using EC for Numerical Optimization
APPLIC: Application of EP to Example Problems (contains 3 transparencies concerning the transportation course project)
ML1: Evolutionary Machine Learning
ML2: XCS Tutorial by Wilson (in ps-format)
ML3: LCS People (people that work in the area of classifier systems)
ML4: Thoughts Concerning the Spring 2001 Classifier System Project
GENETICS: EC and Genetics
GP: Genetic Programming (library)
ALIFE1: Group 1's Artificial Life Homepage
ALIFE2: Group 2's Artificial Life Homepage
ALIFE3: Thoughts on Artificial Life

last updated: April 11, 2001