"It is horrible, yet fascinating, this struggle between a set purpose
and an utterly exausted frame."
-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - after observing Dorando Pietri collapse
three times in the last 100 meters of the 1908 Olympic Marathon.

A 21-week Marathon Training Program
Author: Christoph F. Eick

The training schedule has been derived from talks with other runners, reading the Runner's World and Galloway's book, the writings of Bill Rodgers and Owen Anderson, and from personal needs, such the need to have a lot of rest days. If you have any comments, especially good/bad experiences with similar schedules, please send e-mail to:

The training schedule that is listed and explained in the following incorporates the following ideas and beliefs:

Week 0: 11 Miles + Marathon
Week 1: 25 Miles
Week 2: 30 Miles 
Week 3-12: Phase III (weekly mileage of 40 miles with 3 easy weeks of 25
           a) long runs (18 miles to 25 miles) every 2 to 3 weeks
           b) 12x400@2M-pace(Walk200;4 min Rest after 6x400) 
              4-12x1M repeats at 20K-pace(1 min. rest, LT workout) 
           c) 2-3 5-13 Mile runs incl. 1 Run at or near Marathon Pace every

              other week
           d) races every 2-3 weeks that serve as fast speed-work
           e) easy runs to get the mileage up to 40 Miles         
Week 13-16: Phase II(weekly mileage 30-38 miles)
           a) long runs of 14-17 miles every other week
           b) 5-7x1200@8K-Pace(3min rest between repeats) every week
           c) 80-110 minutes on hilly course every week(incl. "easy"
           d) easy runs 
Week 17-20: Phase I(weekly mileage 26-32 miles) 
           a) Long Runs of 10/11/12/13 Miles every week
           b) 70-90 minutes on hilly course every week
           c) easy runs

                  DETAILED TRAINING PLAN
Week Mo    Tu       We      Th      Fr       Sa        Su    Total Mileage
20   5M             1OM     5M              70minHill           28
19   5M             11M     5M              70minH              29
18   5M             12M     4M              80minH              30
17   5M             13M     4M              80minH              31
16   9M            5x1200   8M             100minH              32
15   80minH        6x1200   4M                15M               34
14   9M            6x1200   8M             100minH              33
13   80minH        7x1200   4M                17M               37
12   10M           12x400   4M      9M                 12M      41
11         9M       4x1M            7M        19M               41
10   3M            12x400   4M                6x1M      4M      26(easy)
 9   9M            6M@Mara          6M        21M               42
 8   4M             8x1M            3M      5K-race             25(easy)
 7   6M@Mara        9x1M            7M                 16M      40
 6         7M@Mara   6M             4M        23M               40
 5  12x400           6M     6M              5K-race             25(easy)
 4   7M            10x1M    4M      7M                11M@Mara  41
 3         9M               7M                25M               41
 2   3M    7M       5x1M            3M      12M@Mara            32
 1   6M             5x1M            5M        1OM               28
 0   6M            3M@Mara          2M                Marathon  11+Marathon

If you run a race, cut workouts in the week of the race by 
(race-distance+3) miles!

last updated: January 12, 1998.