2023/2024 Trips and Stays Away from Houston

May 12-17: New York City
June 1-3: Austin, Texas
June 18-July 6: living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico
June 29-30: Taos, NM
July 6-8: Amarillo, TX
July 8-9: Fort Worth, TX
July 16-22: Chicago
August 4-11: Costa Rica
August 12: Trail Race 7IL Ranch near Cat Spring, Texas
September 16-17: Kemah, Texas
September 30-October 3: Palacios, Texas
October 14-17: Austin, Texas
October 27-28: Galveston, Texas
November 12-20: Attending the ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference in Hamburg, Germany and visiting relatives
December 3: Trail Race Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, Texas
December 15-19: Fort Worth, Texas
December 25-January 11, 2024: Major travel!
March 14: Maybe, moving!
March 17-21, 2024: Very unlikely, attending the EACL Conference in St. Julians, in Malta.
May 16-27, 2024: Likely, visiting Island!

last updated: October 28, 2023