Christoph F. Eick's Third Third of 2015 Exercise Log
August 31, 2015 to January 3, 2016

Long Runs Easy Runs Steady Pace Marathon Pace LT-Pace VO2-Pace 1M-Pace Hills Swimming
8:55-10:15 9:15-10:30 8:55-9:10 8:45-9:15 8:25-8:45 7:45-8:00 7:30-7:45 Trails YS^2B

Day Distance WO Time Place Shoe Comment
8/31, 6:50p 5.3M easy 52:07 Allen DEF7* T=82-80& H=72-70% and partly cloudy; decent run, as I was feeling not too beaten up after Sunday's long run. Positive weather change: the high was supposed to be 95, but due to some rain in the early afternoon the temperature at 6:00p was only 84! 180.0p.
9/2, 6:25p 6.7M easy 1:05:38 (15:28 (Golf_WS)-41:10(End_Ov)-44:04(Wa_Stop_2)-56:27(Stockton)); WE-BCRR Route DST20 T=86-80; H=70-79% and mostly cloudy. About 1 minute slower than last week; did't have someone to keep up this time and the humidity was much worse this time.
9/4, 6:50p 6.4M easy 1:01:11 Allen DEF7* T=85-84& H=76-79% and mostly cloudy; so so run in very warm conditions.
9/5, 7:10a 38min Swimming First swimm of the 2015 Swimming Season II (September 5-November 5, 2015). 179.4p.
9/6, 6:30a 9.8M easy 1:35:01 (walked 15 minutes) MemPa & Allen WR18 T=78-79& H=95-94% and sunny; tried to keep up with Steve and others miles 3-8, and felt quite dehydrated and exhausted after doing that, and decided to throw in a 15 minute walking break at mile 9, but tried to run the last mile at a somewhat faster pace, which turned out to be quite challenging.
9/8. 6:40a 6.6M ftl: 9x2min f|s 1:04:08 AllenOS DST20 T=78-79, H=94% and sunny; first speed-workout; was already feeling tired after six repeats in very challenging conditions, and decided two switch to 2 minute walking breaks; kind of rosty: legs do not seem to be used to running fast anymore!
9/10, 6:35a 17.0M easy 3:16:53 (walked 4 miles; first 9.8 miles in 1:39:45 and last 1.5M in 9:50-pace) Hershey WR18 T=78-80; H=89-87% partly cloudy then overcast then sunny; decided at mile 10 that I would not be able to run beyond 14 miles in these conditions and walked miles 11 and half of miles 12, and miles 14, 15 and half of mile 16; not a good run, but I covered the distance and was able to run okay although not fast the last 1.5M! First run in Terry Hershey Park since December 12, 2004!
9/12, 6:55p 33min Swimming Makeup for cancelled swimm on Friday; cut it 10 minutes short, as I already ran this morning! 181.6p: it is really time to lose some weight!!
9/13, 6:30a 10.0M easy 1:30:45 (36:00 24:47 29:57; 9:04-pace (9:24 8:52 8:56)) RivOk DST20 T=64-66; H=72-58% and sunny; good run on surprisingly springy and not tired legs, finishing the 39M week.
9/14, 6:35p 5.3M easy 49:17 Allen DEF7* T=81-80; H=63-66% and partly cloudy; decent run.
9/15, 6:15p 44min Swimming After the swimm Thai flat noodles with tofu and vegetables at Kai Khun Thai Cafe.
9/16, 6:20p 6.7M easy 1:08:49 (15:51 (Golf_WS)-42:53(End_Ov)-45:59(Wa_Stop_2)-59:03(Stockton)); WE-BCRR Route DST20 T=87-83; H=54-75% and sunny; was coughing and sneezing the whole day with a cold that started Monday night; took it somewhat easy today, but probably not easy enough, walking for 6 minutes when I reached Stockton. Felt quite exhausted for 2-3 hours after I finished the run! 180.0p.
9/19, 7:05a 20.0M 10.0M Lighthouse Hill Ranch 20M 10M Trail Race 2:14:31 (1:06:21|1:08:10 12:37 14:00 25:05(2) 14:44 16:10(??) 13:58 26:20(2) 11:34) near Johnson City, Texas WR18 T=74-77, H=95-81% overcast then sunny; due to the bad cold that hampered me the last 4 days, I decided not to run 20M and to take it easy on the 10M run; 3/6a. This race was poorly attended and not well organized this time, in contrast to 4 years ago!
9/20, 7:05a 6.2M easy 59:17 (30:36 28:41) Townlake Trail, Austin DST20 T=74-76& H=84-81% and partly cloudy; from MOPAC 1 footbridge towards I-35 and back; tight and sore in the beginning, losening up in the second half; this concludes a week whose running was hampered by a bad cold accompanied by a lot of congestion.
9/22, 6:55a 5.4M easy No_Watch AllenR DEF7* T=76+, H=88- and mostly cloudy. So, so run!
9/23, 6:15p 6.7M easy 1:05:27 (15:25 (Golf_WS)-42:44(End_Ov)-?(Wa_Stop_2)-57:15(Stockton)) WE-BCRR Route WR18 T=90-87 (!); H=33-39% (!) and partly cloudy in kind of Arizona-style weather: very hot, but with low humidity. Okay run, as I was still quite congested, although the bad cough is gone since Tuesday!
9/24, 7:00a 42min Swimming Make-up for cancelled swimmm Monday evening!
9/25, 7:20a 6.2M easy 1:01:21 UH_DT2 DEF7* T=76-77 H=82-79%; kind of slow and not in the mood today!
9/26, 9:10a 170 minutes at 3.4M/h Major Hiking 9.6M Along Fairmont Trails, Pasadena. HB With Houston Trails & More Meetup Group hike on a quite warm day. 182.0p: probably, need to take more drastic measures to lose 3-4 pounds in the next 2 weeks!
9/27, 6:30a 10.0M easy 1:41:47 (38:41 (old route) 28:43 34:22; 10:10-pace) RivOk DST20 T=75; H=77-86% and overcast and lite drizzel at the end; was slowed down by digestive problems from eating spicy Indian food on the first leg, but then was not able to pick up the pace on the second leg, when I was feeling better: kind of rubbery legs from the 10M hike yesterday! Was 11 minutes slower than 2 weeks ago!
9/29, 6:40a 18.0M easy 3:35:53 (ran miles 1-12, 15, and 18 in about 10:20-pace and walked the other 4 miles) East Beach Loop, Galveston 2.6 times! WR18 T=72-76; H=94-83% with strong 11mph north-north-east wind, making the first 3.8M and the first 1.5M of the subsequent loops tough; with water carrier which felt quite heavy in the first half. Traversing the East Beach was better this time, navigating around the puddles was more feasible, although the muddy surface was exhausting to run on. Felt quite exhausted, after I finished the workout; moreover, running mile 18 was very tough!
9/30, 6:05p 39min Swimming Workout was shortened by 5 minutes due to the tough run yesterday! 180.6p.
10/1, 6:10p 5.4M easy 50:28 Allen DEF7* T=88-85, H=41-47% and sunny; decent run on a very warm evening!
10/3, 9:15a 193 minutes at 3.5M/h Major Hiking 11.3M Along the trails of Seabrook, Texas HB With Houston Trails & More Meetup Group hike on a quite beautiful day! 182.8p!
10/4, 6:30a 9.9M t: 2M-...-2M 1:29:43 MemPa & Allen BoBoo5 T=64-63(!)& H=80-76% and sunny; intentionally started out very slowly, but then picked up the pace well on surprisingly springgy legs for 2 separated 2M tempo runs trying to keep up with some much faster people also getting quite far away from Russel.
10/6, 7:00a 6.1M easy NW UH_DT2 DEF7* T=70 H=68% and mostly cloudy; so so run.
10/6, 6:05p 41min Swimming Double Workout before the Astro Wildcard game in the Bronx!
10/7, 6:20p 6.7M ftl: 14x1min. f|s 1:04:52 (15:07(Golf_WS)-40:48(End_Ov)-?(Wa_Stop_2)-55:55(Stockton)) WE-BCRR Route DST20 T=85-83; H=58-63% and mostly cloudy; did not feel that great at the beginning of the run, but did kind of okay in 11-fartlek workout in quite warm conditions.
10/9, 7a 5.6M easy 58:08 Allen WR18 T=76, H=85% and mostly cloudy; pretty terrible run: first both of my hamsprings were quite sore initially, and the my right(!) achilles tendon hurt; will need to do a lot of icing the next two days; moreover, facing flu-like symptoms since Thursday afternoon; hopefully, I can get if fixed before Sunday's race.
10/11, 7:00a 11.0M Space City 10 Miler 1:38:05 (9:48 9:23 9:16 9:46 9:56 9:50 10:00 10:02 10:46 9:35) Clearlake, Texas BoBoo5 T=76+; H=87- and partly cloudy; was feeling terrible on Saturday, and almost did not get up to run the race, but anyway I participated kind of jogging the race as a semi-long run; 10/17a. The right heel felt alright during and after the race, but was very sore Monday morning. 180.6p.
10/14, 6:05p 5.4M easy NW Allen DEF7* Took an extra restday, and moved the long run to Sunday. Was able to run okay, and surprisingly the right heel did not hurt, but the left heel hurt a little.
10/15, 6:00p 6.1M easy NW UH_DT2 DST20 T=85-83, H=39-44% and sunny; ran much faster today!
10/16, 6:10p 34min Swimming Swam 10 minutes shorter due to MFAH Multi-media-disco-event later tonight which turned to be out to be a flopp: No dancing this time!
10/18, 7:05a 20.0M 18.0M easy 3:12:02(??) (walked mile 16, 10:20|10:00|10:10|10:50) Hershey DEF7* T=61-68, H=40-30% and partly cloudy; cut down the length and speed of the run due to still bad nasal congestion and a sore heel; okay run, considering the circumstances. 180.6p.
10/22, 1:00p 11.6M easy 2:07:12(??) with water carrier Part Dieue, Lyon to one mile beyond Crepeau La Pape mostly along Rhone WR18 T=52 and overcast and lite drizzel the first 10 minutes; ran from the Athena Hotel to the Rhone via Avenue Del Belge and continued about one mile beyond Crepeau La Pape, before turning around running on the other side of the Rhone; still quite conjested and ran quite slowly; ran 5 miles extra today, as I could not run on Tuesday as my luggage was temporarily lost, arriving at 9p.
10/24, 7:20a 5.9M (?) easy 1:01:12 Blauer Vogel, Hofheim, Germany DST20 T=46+ and high hum; Slow runn also feeling very conjested.
10/25, 1:35p 18.2M(??) easy 3:14:12(?) Hofheim, Germany WR18 T=58-60-57 and med. hum and overcast; Blauer_Vogel-Langenhein_Radweg-Schw_Y-Brehmstal-Eppstein(0.7M) and back; handled the distance well after starting very slowly. Also stopped at the Bahai Temple which is on the northern outskirts of Langenhain which is a place of reflection and meditatation, particularly for people who dislike organized religion..., and listened to a oriental woman singing in an unknown laguage for 10 minutes. According my Tomtom watch I ran only 17.2M, but I ran at least 18.2M, I believe, and added another mile for "running on a trail and the rolling nature of the course".
10/27, 5:20p---23:20 in Europe! 5.5M very easy Allen DEF7* T=80-78, H=49-52% and partly cloudy; weired, quite slow run after sitting 11 hours in a plane and kind of at midnight!
10/29, 6:40a 6.0M m: 1.1M-...-1.1M 58:12 Allen DST20 T=57; H=97% and partly cloudy; okay run; managed to get to 8:45-pace near the end of the second 1.1M leg; first 20 minutes in darkness.
10/30, 6:45a 5.5M ftl: 10x 1:00 f|s 57:43 AllenR WR18 T=73-74; H=94-93% and mostly cloudy; ran okay pace-wise but felt somewhat exhausted after the faster part of the run; perhaps, the decongestant-D medicine and larger amounts of red wine the night before are on possible explanations. 181.2p.
11/1, 7:35a 10.7M Texas10-Series: 3rd Katy 10 Miler 1:32:49 (46:45|46:04; 9:16-pace; 9:16 9:15 09:18 9:17 9:28 9:29 9:18 9:02 9:12 8:40) Katy, Texas BoBoo5 T=67-65; H=90-93% started to drizzel after 30 minutes and to rain near the end, so the temperature went down and the humidity went up. Some problems again with my right heel that stated to feel sore and tight after 6M; showed some endurance as I ran a negative split, but, probably should have tried to run 9:00 pace beginning at mile 2, but I was mentally very flat until mile 7, when I got more into the spirit trying to catch runners in front of me! 7/12a; if I would have run 1 minute faster I would have been 4/12a!
11/3, 6:50a 9.8M very easy 1:47:07 (10:55-pace(!)) H-MemPa(1)-H DEF7* T=61-68; H=98-89% and partly cloudy; probably one of the slowest runs on this route, but I was still beaten up from Sunday's run and my congestion is still quite bad! On the positive side: no major problems with my right heel!
11/5, 7:00a 5.3M ftl: 10x 2:00 f|s very easy 59:53 Allen WR18 Was feeling hyper and terrible, but decided still to run but very very slowly!
11/8, 6:20p 10.2M easy 1:42:40 (night run in 10:04-pace (more like 9:45-pace due to slow down at dark sections; 10:20|9:48) AllenR(2) WR18 T=66-; H=72+; decent run in the second loop after the Bridge tournment, still stuggeling congestion.
11/7 11/10, 6:25a 19.2M easy 3:32:52 (11:06-pace; 1:46:18|1:46:34) Hershey DST20 T=67+; H=98%- and overcast; still seemed to be somewhat beaten up from te Sunday evening; this was one of the slowest long runs ever; ran 10:40-pace on miles 2, 11 and 14 and otherwise was running 11:00-pace or slower, but I did not walk at all; I had some other long runs where I ran 9:40-pace for most miles but then walked for 3-4 miles that were slower! Did not feel like running 19M in the rain on Saturday, and postponed the long run by 3 days! 178.4p.
11/12, 3:45p 5.3M 51:11 (9:43-pace; 10:37(bf) 9:46 9:46 9:37 9:07 9:30(bf)) AllenR DEF7* T=73-; H=34% and partly cloudy; back to a more normal pace after the super-slow long run 2 days ago.
11/13, 6:55a 6.0M easy 1:03:33 (10:35-pace) Allen DST20 T=60+, H=55%- and mostly cloudy; very slow today! Never got going; do not seem to be able to run an okay pace on two consecutive days!
11/14, 4:55p 6.0M easy NW Board Walk, then New Hamshire to Aquarium, Atlantic City WR18 T=46- and quite windy; dark evening run with a lot of deadend and sometimes bad footing!
11/16, 12:35p 18.3M easy 3:14:13 (10:37-pace) Boardwalk AC, Seaside, Longport, NJ WR18 T=68-66, H=40% and sunny and 10mpgh wind; with water carrier and without gu; somewhat slowed down by wind and by running 10M on wooden planks. So so-run; started quite slowly but ran miles 12-17 well!
11/18, 6:50a 5.3M easy 57:53 Allen DEF7* Quite slow run: Still beaten up from Monday's run and the travel, I guess.
11/21, 12:40p 4.1M easy with strides Allen DEF7*
11/22, 7:00a 16.2M HMSA Classical 25K-Race 2:19:19 (8:57-pace (9:06(1-5)-9:04(6-10)-8:46(11-15)-7:53(L0.57M); 8:59 9:07 9:19 8:54 9:13 9:00 8:58 9:07 8:58 9:17 8:46 8:35 8:51 8:53 8:40 7:53(0.57M)) Houston, Texas BoBoo5 T=41-44; H=77-57% and sunny; 10-15mph North wind; ran reasonably well in good conditions except the wind, although too conservatively: should have picked up the pace already after mile 6 and not mile 10, as I did; my official pace was 2 second slower as I lost 25 seconds shortly after the start because I had to reset my "messed up" TomTom watch. 17/37a; 400/970o. 180.0p!
11/24, 6:50a 5.4M very easy 59:11 AllenR DST20 T=48+; quite slow run; still beaten up from Sunday's race, I guess.
11/25, 5:15p 5.4M easy 53:03 Allen WR18 T=73-72; H=78-81% and mostly cloudy. Okay run, last 70% when it was dark!
11/26, 1:00p 5.0M very easy UH_DT2 DEF7* T=68+; quite slow run; not in the mood today!
11/27, 9:10a 190 minutes at 3.3M/h Major Hiking 10.6M In and around Herman Park Houston. WR18 With Houston Trails & More Meetup Group hike on a quite warm day, middle 70's and overcast! 179.0p.
11/29, 12:15p 9.35M easy 1:34:05 (10:05-pace; ran last 2 miles in 9:25-pace after starting slowly) UH_DT4 DST20 T=53+ and overcast on a dark November day; decent run. New rount to UH_DT than back at other side of Bayou to Shepart, doing additonal loop Long bridge and Shepart bridge.
12/1, 5:10p 5.5M very easy 1:00:42 Allen DEF7* T=62-; slowed down by digestive problems and to a lesser extend by darkness!
12/2, 5:10p 5.6M easy 56:17 Allen WR18 T=60-; okay run, as I started slowly, but ran about 9:25-pace the last 2 miles in somewhat dark conditions! 179.2p.
12/5, 12:40p 2.1M easy Downtown, San Antonio WR18 Just doing some stretching and four 100m strides during mile 2!
12/6, 7:30a 26.5M Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon 4:11:34 (9:36-pace; 2:01:56|2:09:38 9:19|9:54-pace; 9:25 9:12 9:26 9:27 9:14 9:43up 9:32up 8:48down 8:54 9:13 9:11 9:15 9:16 9:02 9:07 9:14 9:25 9:19 9:31 9:40 9:55 10:02 11:03 10:17 10:24 9:54 9:16(last 0.3M); 4-seconds faster than official timing, as my watch measured the course as 26.39---0.18M too long) San Antonio, Texas BoBoo5 T=45-67; H=96-58% and sunny; followed my plan going out at 9:20-pace; started to slow down to about 10:00-pace at mile 20 (it was also getting quite warm 3 hours into the race), except had a very short rest room stop and goofed around at mile 23 losing a minute; 519/2504o; 4/51a(!). Showed some endurance the last 6 miles, as I, somewhat expected, slowed down, but only by 45 seconds; perhaps the very slow long runs might have helped, enabling me still to maintain about 10:00-pace when I do not feel great anymore. Overall, a good race considering my messed up race preparation due to bad allergies for 6 weeks, a sore heel in October, no 20+ mile long runs due to these problems; moreover, I also got a really good age-group place.
12/10, 12:30p 5.2M very easy 56:17 Allen DEF7* T=76-78; poor run in very warm conditions on still rubbery legs and both heels felt sore. 182.2p
12/12, 10:10a Minor Hiking 3.0M 53 minutes Ho-Chi-Minh trail. WR18 T=74 and occasional drizzel.
12/13, 4:20p 5.6M easy 58:17 Allen WR18 T=55; somewhat slow run around a lot of puddles and backtracking due to flooding.
12/15, 7:30a 9.4M easy 1:45:05 Allen DST20 T=55+ and sunny; awful run, not running a single mile under 11:00-pace; let us try to run faster in 2 days.
12/17, 7:20a 5.3M easy 55:57 Allen WR18 T=43+; another slows run; never warmed up! 178.2p.
12/18, 12:30p 6.0M easy 1:02:52 AllenR DEF7* T=54+ and sunny; another slow, although slightly faster run!
12/20, 5:10p 5.4M easy 58:52 Allen DST20 T=69- and overcast; not in the mood today until the last 2 miles which I ran in about 10:10-pace.
12/22, 7:10a 9.2M easy 1:42:21 H-MemP(1)-H DEF7* T=61+ and foggy and humid; another bad run with a somewhat sore right heel; will take 3 rest days now!
12/24, 10:10a Minor Hiking 3.5M Bota Trail, Poas Vulcano, Costa Rice WR18 T=55, fog and occasional drizzel.
12/26, 3:10p 5.0M easy Fortuna, Costa Rica WR18 T=83 and occasional drizzel.
12/28, 6:50a 6.0M easy Guanacaste, Costa Rica WR18 T=76+ and sunny.
12/30, 8a Minor Hiking 3.0M Mirador Trail, San Antonio NP, Costa Rice WR18 T=79+ and partly cloudy; beautiful view from the Surrughu Point.
1/2, 8:30a 5.5M very easy 1:01:32 Allen DEF7* T=47, overcast and light drizzel in the second half; was sick yesterday (tired and somewhat dizzy with minor digestive problems) and had to cancel yesterday's run and today's meetup 12M hike and was not sure if I could run today, but succeeded although slow. 179.2p: did not gain much weight in Costa Rica.

The Path to the San Antonio Marathon


DEF7*:= Brooks Defyance 7 medium, width D, electric/silver/nightlife, 110155 1D 793, size 11; 10.9 oz, RW 64/35/73/54/31/77 (Defyance6); bought on October 19, 2014; identical with DEF7; first run on December 8, 2014; 452.2M as off December 31, 2015, to be retired January 31, 2016.
BoBoo5:= Adizero Boston Boost 5 m; M29704; size 11; 9.0 oz (size 9), RW 33/82/40/31/45/67; bought on October 24, 2014; first run don October 29, 2014; 120.1M as off December 31, 2015. In contrast, to the elite-popular Adidas Adizero Adios Boost profile 20/87/15/19/16/61, the Boston is about 1 oz heavier, somewhat stiffer, slightly higher and has more, although not a lot, forefoot cushioning. In contrast to the Brooks Launch, the shoe is stiffer, has significantly less forefoot cushioning, is significantly lower, and has more stability features.
WR18:= Mizuno Wave Rider 18; J1GC150303 410654.9073, white-black-lightgreen, size 11; 10.4 oz (size 11), quite light, less cushioned and much stiffer compared to the previous versions, RW 39/59/96/49/66/54; bought on February 14, 2015, first run on June 3, 2015; 287.5M as off December 31, 2015.
DST20:= Asics Gel-DS Trainer 20; T528N 4293, blue-silver-black, size 11.5; 10.1 oz (size 11, DST 19), RW 50/75/64/51/54/38 (Trainer 19); bought on July 25, 2015, first run on August 9, 2015, 152.7M as off December 31, 2015.

Running Routes

Allen:=Allen Park Way 4.75 miles loop; mildly rolling mostly on asphalt, also called Eleanor Tinsley Park and Buffalo Bayou Trail
UH_DT:= going to Sabine Bridge and then continuing north east on a new narrow bike path along Buffalo Bayou to the door steps of UH-Downtown and back---a 5.5M run from where I live; the slightly longer route UH-DT2, returning via the Montrose foot bridge, finishing on Clay is 5.9M, and UH_DT3 going back via the long, new bridge is 6.9M
UH_Allen:= 7.7M doing the Allen Parkway loop with a side trip to UH Downtown.
MemPa:=Memorial Park 2.93 miles packed dirt trail loop
RiceHerm:=Rice University and Herrman Park Loop
RiceBraes:= Modified 6.7M route of the BCRR Wednesday 6.57M Route going from Rice University to the Medical Center via Braes Bayou turning of the bayou at Montclair and then going north on Morningside at the water fountain, turning right/left into Swift/Stockton (estimated length 6.76M).
RivOk :=River Oaks Loop
RivOkAll := River Oaks Loop with Allen Park Way Loop continuation
Hershey:= going through Terry Hershey Park (TH-Park Map) and also running on Barker Dam on the other side of Highway 6.
Blalock:=Starting from Memorial Park or from Elenor Tisley Park going on Memorial towards Blalock and back.
HoChi:= Ho Chi Minh Trail south of Memorial Park, is a jungle-like trail going through dense bushes and forrest with ups and down; however, the purple trail (estimated length 1.93M) has very good footing and can even be used for speed work.
H-Mem(Y)-H:= from home going to Memorial Park via Montrose/Pedestrian Bridge, then doing X loops in Memorial Park and back the same way; 10M, 12.9M, 15.9M, 18.8M for 1, 2, 3, 4 Memorial Park loops.
TownL:=10.2M loop around Town Lake in Austin
Shoal-Cr:=going down Shoalcreek in Austin towards Town Lake usually starting at Northcross continuing east on Foster Kane and then going south on Shoalcreek and back, running on the bike lane.
East Beach= Going from your Galveston hotel via Seawall to the east end of Galveston Island, then following the 5.2M East Beach Loop: south on Boddeker Drive, continuing on the beach going west for about a mile connecting via Apffel Park Road going north then west and then north again back to Seawall, possibly repeating this loop multiple times, and then running back to your Galveston hotel, usually seeing a lot of fisherman and
TM:= on treadmill

Yearly Summaries

Yearly Mileage: 1996:1511; 1997:1619; 1998: 1689; 1999:1877; 2000: 2125; 2001: 2157; 2002: 2392.5; 2003: 2101.0

Past Training Logs

Beginning 2000, Beginning 2001, Beginning 2002, Beginning 2003, Beginning 2004, Beginning 2005, End 1999, End 2000, End 2001, End 2002, End 2003, End 2010, Mid 1999, Mid 2000, Mid 2001, Mid 2002, Mid 2003, Mid 2004, Early 2010 , Late 2010, Early 2011, Late 2011, Late 2012, Early 2013, Late 2013, Early 2014, Late 2014, First Third 2015, Second Third 2015.

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