COSC 6377 : Computer Networks

Fall 2018

TR 1-230pm at F 154

Homework 3: Proxies and CDNs

Due: 11/18/2018

In this homework, we will setup a CDN and perform some measurements to understand the performance implications of CDN.

Setup a server in the UH network to serve a file that is 10-50 MB in size.

Setup a CDN to serve that content.

Learn how to use a command line file download tool, such as wget or curl.

Measure download time from when you make a request directly from the server and from the CDN.

Now configure your command line download tool to use a proxy. The proxy information will be provided to you. Perform the same measurement as above using the proxy.

You should thus have four sets of measurements. Include variations and repetitions of the measurements to increase confidence in your results.

Your report should have three parts: (a) Measurement setup: describe how you setup your CDN, configured the download tool, files on the server, how you performed the measurements, how many times, etc. (b) Data/table/graphs as relevant (c) Your explanation for any differences you saw across the measurements and any limitations of your conclusions.


Your submission should be a single pdf file (hw3.pdf) with the three components described above.