COSC 4397/6397 - Cyber-physical Systems

Fall 2012

PGH 563

T 4-7pm

Instructors Omprakash Gnawali,
Larry Shi, and
Nikolaos V. Tsekos.
Office HoursTBD
TAJunmo An (jman @ cs . uh . edu)
TA Office HoursW 2-4pm at PGH315


In the Cyber-Physical Systems course, the students will learn to integrate various computational, sensing, actuation, and networking elements to design and implement a complete cyber-physical system. The students will get familiar with several embedded systems platforms, basic sensor and actuator integration into computation and networking modules and basic data analysis. The primary objective will be a development project, pursued individually or in groups. The project will be presented and evaluated on a demo day. The students should have strong programming experience in at least one programming language and knowledge or desire to learn building and integrating hardware. Although not required, it is also helpful to have basic knowledge about digital or analog electronics.

Administrative Details

Homework 1 : TI LaunchPad
Homework 2 : Arduino

Course Projects

Smart Coaster

Navigation for the Visually Impaired

Smart Chair

Child Tether

Sensing Steering Wheel