Poster Abstract: Synchronizing Trickle Intervals

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“Poster Abstract: Synchronizing Trickle Intervals” by Joakim Eriksson and Omprakash Gnawali. In Proceedings of the 11th European conference on Wireless sensor networks (EWSN 2014), Feb. 2014.


Routing protocols for low-power wireless networks, such as CTP and RPL, use explicit control traffic between nodes to find neighbors, construct and maintain routing paths. To conserve power and reduce network congestion, the control traffic frequency must be kept low. Reducing control traffic will not only reduce power consumption, but also affect the quality of the routing paths constructed by the routing protocols, in terms both of delivery ratio and power consumption. Several existing protocols use control traffic reduction mechanisms such as Trickle. Trickle uses two mechanisms to achieve efficient routing: (1) rate adaption where the nodes send control traffic less often when the network is stable, and (2) suppression where a node avoids sending control traffic if the information has already been recently sent by neighboring nodes. In this work, we present scenarios that cause these mechanisms to result in pathology in control packet timing. We also present a modification to Trickle to address the pathology.

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