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Web page for the SIGCSE 2021 Birds of a Feather Session on: Is There a Security Mindset? Can It Be Developed?

Article in IEEE Xplore by Charles Severance where Bruce Schneier talks about a security mindset Link, There are two related videos on Youtube. The links are in the abstract of the article, but you can also find them by searching Youtube with "Bruce Schneier: The Security Mindset"
Paper on the CATS Inventory of Cybersecurity Exercises Link
Invited Participants (confirmed): Alan Sherman (UMBC), Melissa Dark (TeachCyber.org)
Organizers: Lila Ghemri (Texas Southern), Ray Parthasarathy (UIUC) and Rakesh Verma (University of Houston)
BOF Flock 2A on Tuesday, March 16 4-5:15pm ET; Registration is at: Link
Agenda for the Session is here: Link