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Web page for the ACM SIGCSE 2021 Poster: Capacity Expansion in Cybersecurity: Challenges and Prospects

Ed Crowley wrote two influential papers on developing a security curriculum in 2003 and 2004. Both are in the ACM Digital Library (search "Ed Crowley"). Sarah North et al. wrote a similar paper in 2005. This is also in ACM Digital Library (search "information assurance capacity building")
Solange Ghernaouti et al. recommended information sharing in cybersecurity for enhancing security, trust and privacy by capacity building. Proc. 3rd Cyber Security in Networking Conference (CSNet), IEEE Xplore 2019. Link
Capacity building in community-based organizations was considered by Janine L. Spears et al. 2016, Proc. of HICSS 2016, IEEE Xplore
Kara Nance et al. listed some challenges in capacity building in the cyber operations area. Proc. of HICSS 2015, IEEE Xplore
All our cybersecurity modules are available at the Capacity Expansion Project website
More to come ...