Spring 2019

[COSC 1306 - Computer Science and Programming]

Computer Science and Programming is an introduction to the art of solving problems using computer programming. Students will learn how to analyze computational problems, develop solutions to them as algorithms (or recipes) for a computer to follow, and implement the solution in a modern programming language. In addition, students will develop a basic understanding of computer organization and be exposed to the breath of the computer science field.

COSC 4393/6380 - Digital Image Processing

The objective of this course is to introduce the essential concepts of digital image processing from an operational perspective with some exposure to theory. Aspects of image acquisition, processing, practical applications, and elementary image analysis algorithms will be covered. This course will make digital image processing accessible to computer scientists and engineers that are currently unfamiliar with the topic. We will be programming in Python for numerous visual examples in the form of actual digital image processing results and homework assignments.