• COSC2320: Data Structures and Algorithms [Syllabus]
  • COSC2430: Programming and Data Structures [Syllabus]
  • COSC3380: Database Systems [Syllabus]
    News Fall 2021:
    • New version: The UH course catalog now has the new course name and the catalog reflects the latest version. I have taught the graduate DB systems course for 15 years. This is the 2nd edition of the undegrad course, whose scope and content I improved and updated. I started teaching this new version of COSC3380 in Fall 2020.
    • Lectures: 1st lecture on Aug/24 will be online. 2nd lecture on Aug/26 will be face to face. The 2nd week will follow the same pattern. From the 3rd week and on (weeks 3,4,5..) it is likely we will have face to face lectures one week and one lecture online the following week (i.e. totally face to face every other week).
    • HW0, a diagnostic programming homework, posted on Aug/24 and will be due Sep/2. This homework will require using Unix commands (Linux Ubuntu, SSH) and SQL.
    • Most communications will be handled in the MS Teams Chat, with topics organized by "channel". The chat will become active after the first day of class. Email is reserved for exceptional circumstances (COVID, medical problems, family issues, financial problems). Please do not send me email and avoid sending email to the TAs unless the default chat does not work well. Do not ever send e-mail or call the other "Prof. Carlos Ordonez" in the Physics department.
  • COSC4315: Programming Languages [Syllabus] (COSC6345, joint section)
  • COSC6339: Big Data Analytics [Syllabus]
  • COSC6340: Database Systems (graduate, phased out, subsumed by 6339) [Old Syllabus]
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2018 6340 4315
2019 6340 4315
2020 4315 3380
2021 4315 3380

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