• COSC2320: Data Structures and Algorithms [Syllabus]
  • COSC2430: Programming and Data Structures [Syllabus]
  • COSC3380: Database Systems [Syllabus]
  • COSC4315: Programming Languages [Syllabus] (COSC6345, joint section)
    Mar/05: HW1
    Mar/11: HW2 posted
    Apr/05: HW2 Phase 1 9pm
    Apr/13: midterm exam, 10 questions, written answer, 80 mins
    Apr/26 1pm: HW2 Phase 2 (hard deadline)
    Apr/27 10pm: preliminary testing
    Apr/30 1pm: HW2 Phase 2 FINAL RESUBMISSION: all fixes (hard)
    May/07: final grades, before if possible
  • COSC6339: Big Data Analytics [Syllabus]
  • COSC6340: Database Systems (graduate, it will be revised as Data Science Systems) [Old Syllabus]
Year Spring Fall
2018 6340 4315
2019 6340 4315
2020 4315 3380
2021 4315 3380

Course information (current semester)

  • Lecture: On-line on Microsoft Teams, under UH MS 365
  • TAs:
    COSC4315: Xiantian Zhou
  • Office hours:
    Tu Th 9:40am-10am 11:30am-11:40am Mo 10-11:20am
  • HW and general exam questions: MS Teams