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Course Information:

  Course Title Computer Science & Programming
  Semester Spring 2023
  Course Number COSC 1336
Section Number 13875
Instructor Dr. Stephen Huang, pgh219, shuang (at) cs. uh. edu
Classroom PGH-232
Class Time Monday & Wednesday: 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Online Link Zoom Link: https://uh-edu-cougarnet.zoom.us/j/94771401664 for office hours.
Office Hours

Monday: 4:00-5:00 PM (PGH219 and online)
Tuesday: 2:00-3:00 PM (Online only)
Wednesday: 4:00-5:00 PM (PGH219 and online)
Thursday: 2:00-3:00 PM (Online only)

Please feel free to contact the instructor or the TAs for additional office hours, in person or online. Use the Zoom link above to connect to the professor.

Messages from the Instructor:

05/02/2023 I added examples on Dictionaries and Files recently. I must admit that I did not spend enough time to prepare the examples. I want to get them out to help you prepare the final.
05/02/2023 In addition to the regularly scheduled office hours at 2-3 pm today, I am adding another hour at 7-8 pm this evening.
05/01/2023 The slides used for the review during the class is included >>> here <<<. Please check the resources page for newly posted examples.
05/01/2023 The final exam The exam is on Wednesday, May 3, in SR1-116.  All students will take the final on that day. No makeup exam.
04/06/2023 The due date for Assignment 7 has been exteded to Sunday, 4/9, midnight.
04/15/2023 There is a change of room for the FINAL exam on May 5th. The new room is SR1-116.
03/14/2023 Assignment 6 is ready for those who want to get more work done during the break.
03/10/2023 Students in this class are eligible to book a peer tutor through Knack. UH has partnered with Knack to provide students with access to verified peer tutors who have previously aced this course. To view available tutors, visit uh.joinknack.com and sign in with your student account.
02/28/2023 Dr. Huang has canceled his office hour on March 2 (2:00-3:00 PM), so he can participate in grading test papers with the teaching assistants at the time. Because of the midterm, the due date for Assignment 4 has been extended for two days until Friday Midnight. Students should know that the assignment's syntax, programming skills, and proficiencies are within the midterm's scope. 
02/21/2023 If you would like to discuss the grading of your programs, you may contact the TA. We divide the graing into three groups: Ayman (Last name A-E), Ivy (F-N), and Joshua (O-Z).
02/21/2023 The ConocoPhillips Computer Science Learning Center is a program of the Department of Computer Science that offers resources and activities allowing students to succeed in COSC courses. At this time, only COSC 1336, 1437, 2306, and 2436 tutoring is available. Link: ConocoPhillips Computer Science Learning Center
02/08/2023 Since some of the students missed the first quiz, I will drop the lowest quiz score at the end of the semester for all students. Additional online Office Hours have been added during evening and weekend.
02/06/2023 The blackboard has been set up to take assignments.
01/19/2023 While updating the website for this semester, I inadvertently left last year’s assignment page there.  This mistake may have caused some panic among students.  There is no assignment due for the next week or so. I always explain each assignment when I “assign” it during class.  Typically students have one week to work on it. Sorry.
01/18/2023 The TA Office Hours page is now available.
01/07/2023 Welcome to 1336. This site is being updated for Spirng 2023. More information will be added soon.


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