COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2021)


Homework - 2

Due: September 7, 2021

Evaluating a Research

We want to do research to solve important problems. We want to maximize the chances of success of our research. Stated differently, we do not want to work on unimportant problems and we do not want to work on projects that are sure to fail. In this homework, we learn to analyze research projects, exactly what their objectives are, their importance, potential impact, and chance for success.

Please answer the research formulation questions for a paper or a project that you find fascinating (the project should not be older than ten years) and about your own ongoing or proposed research project.

Write a paragraph addressing each question below in a question-answer format. The complete writeup should not be longer than three pages total for the two research you will use as case study: your project and a project you find fascinating. Your answers must not use jargons: any student in the class should be able to understand your answers. Copy the question to your document and write the answer below each question.

List of questions:

Questions courtesy of Heilmeier


Please submit your homework on Teams as a pdf that is no longer than four pages in length.