COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2021)



In addition to the lectures, the students are also expected to watch the interviews in Research Diaries.

Semester Timeline
Date Topic    
8/23/2021Course IntroductionLecture 1
8/25/2021PhD Goals; Selecting a Research TopicLecture 2
8/30/2021Evaluating a Research TopicLecture 3
9/1/2021Research Topics and PapersLecture 4
9/8/2021Anatomy of Research PapersLecture 5
9/13/2021Research Papers, Paper Types, and CitationsLecture 6
9/15/2021Visualization of Research ResultsLecture 7Guest: Prof. Guoning Chen
9/20/2021Paper ReviewLecture 8
9/22/2021Paper Review - ContinuedLecture 9
9/27/2021Conferences and MetricsLecture 10
9/29/2020Giving Technical Talks
Guest: Prof. Jaspal Subhlok
Lecture 11
10/4/2021Introduction and ExperimentsLecture 12
10/6/2021Paper Expectation and Idea GenerationLecture 13
10/11/2021Adequate descriptions of Systems and ApproachesLecture 14
10/13/2021Clear Scientific Writing: Higher Order Writing ConcernsLecture 15Guest: Holly Prevost
10/18/2021System Comparison Experiments. Level of Details.Lecture 16
10/25/2021Intellectual Property and Technology TransferLecture 18Guest: Brian Shedd
10/27/2021Idea Generation, Reading and Tracking papers.Lecture 19
11/1/2021Human Subject ResearchLecture 20Guest: Nettie Martinez
11/3/2021Co-Authorships, Disclosures.Lecture 21
11/8/2021Data profiling in research projectsLecture 22Guest: Prof. Ioannis Konstantinidis
11/10/2021Clear Scientific Writing: Lower Order Writing ConcernsLecture 23Guest: Holly Prevost
11/15/2021Sampling Bias, Paper Review.Lecture 24
11/17/2021Short Presentations, Posters.Lecture 25
11/22/2021Research Quest TPC meeting
11/29/2021Life Beyond AcademiaGuests: Jason Baldridge and Larry Lansing (Google)
12/1/2021Research Quest 2021