COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2021)


Homework - 7

Due: October 17, 2021

Describing Ideas and Systems

Write the Idea/Algorithm/Design section of your paper.

The first section describes your approach, algorithm or a design that solves the problem. Be as detailed as necessary so that your reader can replicate your idea after reading your paper. This section, depending on the subdiscipline may be called "System Design", "System", "Approach", or simply the name of your algorithm or system.

The next section should describe the practical details of your system necessary to prepare it for experimentation. Sometimes this type of detail is included as a sub-section of Evaluation, sometimes a separate section if there are a lot of details that are important to present, but for now, we simply put this information in the System design section. In systems research, a common name for this section is "Implementation".

Please use the conference template for your writeup. The two sections can be about a page each in length.


Please submit your homework as a pdf with name hw7.pdf.