COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2021)


Homework - 8

Due: October 25, 2021

Describing Research Results

Complete the Results section of your paper.

Please describe the results from the experiments. Note: you have already described the implementation details of your datasets or system in the previous HW.

A typical results writeup has one or two main results. It also has a few additional results that help us understand some other aspects of the system. Some results help us explain some other results.

Your writeup should include some graphs, tables, and numbers.

Your writeup should not only refer the readers to numbers or graphs but also explain why the result looks the way it does.

Don't foget to describe the implications of the results and any limitations.

Please use the conference template for your writeup. This sections should be about a page each in length.


Please submit your homework on Moodle as a pdf with name hw8.pdf.