COSC 6377 : Computer Networks

Fall 2018

TR 1-230pm at F 154

InstructorOmprakash Gnawali
Office HoursT230-330pm at PGH 230
TAMilad Heydariaan
TA Office HoursW 3-5pm at PGH 313

COSC 6377 is a graduate level networking course that covers the technologies that make up the Internet. In the first few weeks of classes, we will briefly review the core concepts and technical foundations of computer networking. Then, we will explore a breadth of topics in networking by reading old and new papers in computer networking. Alongside we will work on homeworks and projects to get hands-on experience building and using networked systems. The goal of the course is to provide foundational knowledge as well as hands-on experience building networked systems to the future networking researchers and engineers and software developers.