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• What is image analysis and computer vision and how does it relate to other fields like image processing and computer graphics?

• What are some typical applications where computer vision is being used?

The rapid and enormous improvements in sensing (visible and infrared cameras, medical imagers) and high-performance computing have led to an explosion of data. Providing computers with a sense of vision is providing unprecedented opportunities.

Computer vision describes the automatic deduction of the properties and the structure of a three-dimensional world from one or more images. The detection of tumors from medical images, the robotic control of an unmanned lunar rover, and the detection of faults in seismic data are examples of computer vision applications. 

The growing number of Computer vision applications will demand a new type of engineer and scientist trained with skills such as those offered in this course.



• Image Acquisition & Representation

•  Image Preprocessing

•  Boundary Detection

•  Image Segmentation

•  Shape Representation

•  Image Data Compression

•  Case Studies(Motion Analysis, Texture Analysis, Surveillance)



• Five programming assignments

• A Final programming project

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