(Ph.D., Karlsruhe)
Associate Professor, and
Director UH Data Analysis and Intelligent Systems Lab (UH-DAIS)

Department of Computer Science
University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-3010.
Office: 573 Philip G. Hoffman (PGH)
Phone: (713) 743-3345 (leave message)
Fax: (713) 743-3335
Email: ceick at uh dot edu

Office Hours

Fall 2023: TU 4:10-5p TH 8:50-10a (starting Tu., August 22 using MS Teams; or send an e-mail to and I call you back)
Exceptions: none


Areas of Expertise:

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Evolutionary Computing
Data Science
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Artificial Intelligence

Current Research Projects:

Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data Analysis Frameworks and their Application to Emotion and Anxiety Analysis and to Understanding COVID-19 Causes and Effects
St**2—Tools for Data Storytelling
Collocation Mining
Using AI to Enhance MRI Scanning and Analysis (jointly with Nikos Tsekos)
Summarization Techniques for Large Sets of Tweets
Reinforcment Learning
Role of Social Media with Respect to COVID-19 Related Stress and Anxiety
Agent-based Infectious Disease Spread Models with Applications to COVID-19
Educational Data Mining (jointly with Nouhad Rizk)


I have or had the privilege of conducting research with the following students in the last 18 months:

PhD Students: Steve Aigbe, Karima Elgarroussi, Md. Mahin, Anukriti Mishra, Raunak Sarbajna, and Chong Wang.
Master Students: Aparna Budhavarapu, Anjana Kummari, Anusha Nemilidinne, Hoang Vo, Parth Sanghani and Akhil Talari.
Undergraduate Students: Max Broekhuis, Max Deniz Burduroglu, Lingwei Kong, Ashish Nare, Dwija Parikh and Tuyen Cao.
Visiting/Exchange Students: Riya Brahmbhatt, Haard Metha and Oumaima Mouali.
Contributing Alumni: Sujing Wang and Paul Amalaman.


Websites for Courses I teach:
Graduate Articial Intelligence (COSC 6368)
Undergraduate Articial Intelligence
Data Science I (COSC 3337; updated on August 17, 2023)
Undergraduate Data Mining (COSC 4335)
Graduate Data Mining (COSC 6335; updated on August 17, 2023)
Graduate Machine Learning (COSC 6342)
Advanced Machine Learning (COSC 7362)
Evolutionary Programming (COSC 6367)

Recent and Current Service

2011-2013, I served as the Associate Chairman for the Department of Computer Science. I served on the Faculty Search Committee 2005-2006 and 2007-2010 and 2014-16. I also served as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Computer Science Department from September 2001 to November 2004. In recent years I served on the program committee for the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining 2006-2013 and 2016-2021 (ICDM), for the International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (ISMIS), the Transdisciplinary AI Conference and AAAI 2019 (took place in Honolulu, Hawaii end of January 2019).

2023 Travel
UH-DAIS Research
2019 NSM Lab Crawl Presentation
UH-DMML 2015 Slideshow
Irvine (ACM-GIS) Talk 11/06/2008
Bangalore Talk 6/29/2010
Chicago UrbanComp Talk 8/13/2013
Dallas ACM BigSpatial Talk 11/04/2014
Lyon ISMIS 2015 Talk 10/22/2015
Laguna Hills AIKE Talk 9/28/2018
Romita's Laguna Hills AIKE Talk 9/28/2018
Anusha's Rice Data Science Conference Talk 10/8/2018
Karima's Seattle Geo-AI Talk 11/6/2018
2022 Supervised Clustering Talk 3/3/22

Spatial Data Mining
Old Publications

More about myself

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