COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2015)



Due Date Homework Topic  
8/30/2015Homework 1Interesting Topic in Computer Science
9/6/2015Homework 2Research Formulation Questions
9/15/2015Homework 3Related Work Listing and Visualization
9/21/2015Homework 4Metrics and Experiments in CS papers
9/27/2015Homework 5Related Work
10/04/2015Homework 6Describing Metrics, Experiments, and Results
10/11/2015Homework 7Performance Evaluation
11/1/2015Homework 8Introduction and Related Work
11/16/2015Homework 9Research Paper
11/22/2015Homework 10Paper Review
11/23/2015Homework 11Poster
12/3/2015Homework 12Updated Research Paper