COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2015)



In addition to the lectures, the students are also expected to watch the interviews in Research Diaries.

Semester Timeline
Date Topic    
8/24/2015Course IntroductionLecture 1
8/26/2015PhD Research and MilestonesLecture 2
8/31/2015Anatomy of a Research PaperLecture 3
9/2/2015Paper ReviewsLecture 4
9/9/2015Paper Reviews ContinuedLecture 5
9/14/2015CS ExperimentsLecture 6
9/16/2015Metrics and ExperimentsLecture 7
9/21/2015Conference Organization, Experiments, PapersLecture 8
9/23/2015Experiments and Metric DesignLecture 9
9/28/2015MetricsLecture 10
10/5/2015Experiments in Uncontrolled EnvironmentsLecture 11
10/7/2015Sampling BiasLecture 12
10/12/2015Paper claimsLecture 13
10/14/2015Standardized Experiments, Metrics, and DatasetsLecture 14
10/19/2015Co-authorshipLecture 15
10/21/2015Level of DetailsLecture 16
10/26/2015Advice for Research StudentsGuest: Prof. Rakesh Verma
10/28/2015How to write good research papers?Guest: Prof. J.F. Paris
11/02/2015Writing 1Guest: Ms. Cari-Sue WilmotSlides
11/04/2015Writing 2Guest: Ms. Cari-Sue WilmotSlides
11/09/2015Crafting a Poster
11/11/2015VisualizationGuest Prof. Guoning Chen
11/16/2015Intellectual Property
11/18/2015Giving Technical TalksGuest Prof. Jaspal SubhlokSlides
11/23/2015In-class TPC meeting
11/30/2015ERCS ConferenceKeynote: Prof. Barbara Chapman