COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Spring 2019)



Due Date Homework Topic  
1/20/2019Homework 1Interesting Topic in Computer Science
2/3/2019Homework 2Evaluating a Research
2/10/2019Homework 3Important Related Work
2/17/2019Homework 4Paper Review
2/24/2019Homework 5Common and Uncommon Metrics
3/3/2019Homework 6Introduction Patterns
3/10/2019Homework 7Introduction and Related Work
3/24/2019Homework 8Generating Ideas
3/31/2019Homework 9Ideas and Experiments
4/7/2019Homework 10Results from Experiments
4/12/2019Homework 11A Complete Research Paper
4/22/2019Homework 12Paper Review
4/22/2019Homework 13Poster
4/29/2019Homework 14Camera Ready Paper