COSC 6321 - Research Methods in Computer Science (Spring 2019)



In addition to the lectures, the students are also expected to watch the interviews in Research Diaries.

Semester Timeline
Date Topic    
1/14/2019Course IntroductionLecture 1
1/16/2019PhD Goals, Topics, and SkillsLecture 2
1/23/2019Research FormulationLecture 3
1/28/2019Anatomy of a Computer Science Research PaperLecture 4
1/30/2019Anatomy of a Computer Science Research Paper. Citations and References.Lecture 5
2/4/2019Research Paper. Citations and References.Lecture 6
2/6/2019Paper Types. Citations and References. Paper ReviewLecture 7
2/11/2019Citations and References. Paper ReviewLecture 8
2/13/2019Paper Review. Conference Organization.Lecture 9
2/18/2019Conference Organization. Hypothesis. Metrics.Lecture 10
2/20/2019Hypothesis. Metrics.Lecture 11
2/25/2019Effective Opening Statements. Guest: Prof. Suzanne BuckLecture 12
2/27/2019Giving Technical Talks. Guest: Prof. Jaspal SubhlokLecture 13
3/4/2019Metrics. Reading Papers.Lecture 14
3/6/2019Metrics and ExperimentsLecture 15
3/18/2019What do reviewers expect in a paper?Lecture 16
3/20/2019Sampling BiasLecture 17
3/25/2019Clear Scientific Writing: Tools for the Writing Process. Guest: Holly PrevostLecture 18
3/27/2019Lecture 19
4/1/2019System Comparison Experiments. Level of Details.Lecture 20
4/3/2019Legible Graphs.Lecture 21
4/8/2019Intellectual Property. Guest: Dr. Natalie DavisLecture 22
4/10/2019Perception and Cognition in Visualization. Guest: Dr. Guoning ChenLecture 23
4/15/2019Issues in technology research with users. Guest: Tiffany SherrillLecture 24
4/17/2019Writing Issues: The Low Level. Guest: Holly PrevostLecture 25
4/22/2019Industry Research in Computer Science: Experiences and Perspectives.
Guest: Dr. Munir Sirajum, Bosch Research, USA
Lecture 26
4/24/2019CSGRS19 TPC meetingLecture 27