Presentations (talks, conference presentations)

    Big Data Analytics

  1. A Comparison of Data Science Systems.
  2. Can Parallel Database Systems Help Big Data Analytics?
    Parallel DBMSs (row, column, array) vs Hadoop (MapReduce, Spark)
    keynote at DEXA 2017 conference [PPT]
  3. Algorithms and Optimizations for Big Data Analytics: Cubes.
  4. Database Systems Research on Large-Scale Data Mining: SQL vs MapReduce.
    (outdated) tutorial at SIGMOD 2010 Conference, [PPT]
  5. Computing the Gamma Matrix for Data Summarization in a Parallel System (parallel DBMS vs Spark).
  6. Comparing Columnar, Row and Array DBMSs for Recursive Query Evaluation to Analyze Large Graphs.
  7. Integrating the R Language Runtime System with a Data Stream Warehouse.
    Research while visiting ATT [PPT]
  8. Stream Analytics.
    overview, does not talk about ATT work [PPT]
  9. Parallel Systems to Compute Deep Neural Networks.
  10. Machine Learning and Statistical Models

  11. Integrating Statistical Models and Database Systems.
    old [PPT]
  12. Medical Data Mining.
    mainly cubes and association rules [PPT]
  13. Summary, Overview

  14. Micro presentation.
    5 minutes, [PPT]
  15. Short presentation
    10 minutes, [PPT]