COSC 6377 : Computer Networks

Spring 2015

MW 1-230pm at AH 110

InstructorOmprakash Gnawali


1/21/2015Lecture 1
3/2/2015End-To-End Arguments in System Design [Saltzer84]
3/4/2015Why the Internet only just works [Handley06]
3/9/2015Congestion Avoidance and Control [Jacobson88]
3/11/2015Dynamics of Random Early Detection [Lin97]
3/23/2015Revisiting IP Multicast [Ratnasamy06]
3/25/2015Pathlet Routing [Godfrey09]
3/30/2015An Internet Census Taken by an Illegal Botnet - A Qualitative Assessment of Published Measurements [Krenc14]
4/1/2015Exam discussions
4/8/2015Project discussions
4/13/2015IoT / Data Centers I - Guest lecture by Dr. Kevin Long (Cisco)
4/15/2015IoT / Data Centers II - Guest lecture by Dr. Kevin Long (Cisco); Cross Technology Interference by Shengrong Yin
4/20/2015Project discussions
4/22/2015Link-level Measurements from an 802.11b Mesh Network [Aguayo04]
4/27/2015The Cost of "S" in HTTPS [Naylor14]
4/29/2015How Speedy is SPDY? [Wang14]


Due Date
2/20/2015Homework 1
4/15/2015Homework 2
5/4/2015Homework 3


4/6/2015Exam 1
5/4/2015Exam 2