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Course Information:

  Course Title Introduction to Computer Science
  Course Number COSC 1410
Section Number 14154
Instructor Dr. Stephen Huang, 594-PGH, shuang (at) cs. uh. edu
Classroom 232-PGH
Class Time Monday & Wednesday: 2:30-4:00 p.m.
Office Hours - Monday and Thursday: 1:00-2:30 p.m.
- and by appointment
Labs 376-PGH

Messages from the Instructor:

05/09/2016 If you have not done the course evaluation, please do so. Have a nice summer. For privacy reason, I won't post the grade. If you want to find out your grade or discuss it with me via email, please use an official UH email account.
05/08/2016 The department is making some changes to the beginning sequence of courses. This is the last semester that we will offer 1410. I have been teaching this course for the last 7 years. I have decided to take a break from teaching large classes. I enjoyed teaching this course and have the opportunities to meet many wonderful students. I am sure I will miss it.
04/26/2016 Some of the slide files have been updated with extra pages. See Ch. 12.
04/21/2016 The due date for Program 10 has been extended to Wednesday, April 27. Program 11, the last one,will be assigned on April 25.
04/18/2016 UH is closed for today. Stay at home or your dorm and work on your assignments. The deadline for Assignment 9 has been extended to Wednesday, April 20. I will post the next assignment today so you can get a head start. Please check the assignment page. Make sure your laptop and cell phones are fully charged.
03/21/2016 I will be away for a conference after my Wednesday's class (March 23). No office hours on Thursday.
03/07/2016 I posted two assignments (Programs 5 and 6) on the web. Program 5 does not require the use of an array. You can start working on it now. Program 6 requires the use of an array and you will be ready to work on it by Wednesday. I kind of mixed the two together in the lecture. Sorry.
03/07/2016 I will be attending a conference on Thursday (3/10) and Friday (3/11). No office hours on the two days. I may change some deadlines for the programming assignments. Check the assignment page.
03/03/2016 I have change the due date for Prog 5 to Friday, 03/11/2016.
02/10/2016 Program 2 is ready. I will be going to Washington DC for a meeting between Feb. 16th and 9th. David Fullerton, a PhD student, will teach for me on the 17th. Please treat him nicely. Of couse, there won't be office hours on those days.
01/21/2016 The TA's office hours have been updated.
01/11/2016 Welcome to COSC 1410. This site is being updated.


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