Christoph F. Eick's Training Log ---
January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011

Long Runs Easy Runs Marathon Pace LT-Pace 10K-Pace VO2-Pace 1M-Pace Hills Swimming
8:15-9:50 8:20-10:10 7:45-8:30 7:15-7:40 7:10-7:35 6:55-7:15 6:35-6:55 Trails St. Bike

Day Length Type Pace Course Shoe Ef./Cond. Comment
1/1 noon 4M easy Allen SAL10 2/3 T=61 & damp; sunny; ran okay without any major problems, which is good considering yesterday's heel soreness. 131-87-47 174.0p.[
1/2 6:30a 10M t: 4M 1:26:18 (37:32(!-to_gas)-20:35(RG)-18:48(WFNM)-9:17 RivOk LAU10 6/4 T=34+ & sunny; heel was fine!! Started out very very slowly in quite cold condition, ran the first leg of tempo run fine catching some people of the first group who stated 150 meters in front of me (about 7:25-pace) but right hip felt somewhat stiff and considering Saturday's race, I cut the tempo run a mile short. LAU10's total mileage is now 180 miles; already bought another pair for races in 2011 which is mostly black with some silver & yellow-green.
1/4 7:30a 6.7M easy Allen SAL10 3/5 T=57, cloudy, and drizzel rain near end of the run. 139/88/47 172.2p
1/6 7a 5.5M easy with 8 20sec Strides Allen PEG27 3/3 T=45 & sunny; 131/87/48 174.0p; kind of tired the whole week!
1/8 7:20 17.7M Southern Califoria Half-Marathon 1:47:36 (8:13-pace [8:11 8:11 8:02 8:15 8:11 8:29 8:22 8:07 8:13 8:34 8:19 8:15 7:41 :41]) Irvine, California BLLAU 7/4 T=50-55 H=84-73%; 19/59a, 514/5142o very flat; was supposed to run 7:55-pace but couldn't do it, or did not feel like it; hip felt somewhat tight during the race and heel was sore on Saturdy; lacked a clear goal in the race, after I determined that running 7:37-pace on a course with 29 including 11 u-turns and considering my lack of quality speedwork was not an option. Have to tug this one away, and get mentally ready for Houston. Run to the start of the race and back (2x2.3M). Recent Half Marathon Times: 1:43: 2009 Angie Crazy, 1:45: 2010 La Porte by the Bay, 1:47: 2011 Southern California Marathon; 1:48: 2009 Moe's better Half, 1:54: 2008 Seebrook Lucky Trail Marathon.
1/10 5p 5.8M very easy 56:46 Ventura, California BLLAU 3/4 Along the Pacific and Streets near Pacific; finished in the dark, also struggling with stomach cramps. T=60; feeling quite tired the last 2 days.
1/11 noon 7.7M easy 1:10:00 Ventura, California GHO10 4/3 T=50; on Ventura Marina Trail; with water carrier this time!
1/13 7a 6.2M easy 55:00 San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail, Santa Clara, CA GHO10 3/3 Biltmore-Mission-College-TACT_to_American; T=52
1/14 6:50a 13.8M easy 2:05:25 TACT to Bay Trail, CA GHO10 6/3 Starting from the Biltmore again, reached the unique and scenic Southern_Bay Trail along wetland with a lot of birds---the dirt trail goes from San Jose to San Francisco, although there a still a few connections are still missing to run the whole way on a trail. Missed the Bay Trail turn initally and did a 2M-loop in Sunnyvale Baylands Park. T=49+!
1/15 7:30a 5.8M First half very easy 55:15 (28:45 26:30) Monterey, CA GHO10 3/3 T=50. Fisherman's Wharf to Lover's Point along the water---a quite very nice route on a bike path going along Cannery Row seeing a few harbor seals and hearing a lot of noisy seagulls seeing also enjoying the strong waves of the Pacific.
1/17, 8a 17M m: 5M 2M 2:24:40 (8:30-pace; 53:55(6.25M)-40:28(5)-...-14:30(1.8)) Hershey PEG27 6/3 On a foggy day with occasional, very light drizzel rain and T=49-50; first decent run in the last 3 weeks; after starting the first six miles 9:00-pace, ran miles 7-11 and 16-17 in just a few seconds over 8:00-pace. 172.6p---did not gain any weight in California!!
1/19, 8a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 2/4 140-87-48; 173.2p; T=45+ & sunny ; kind of stiff and tight: should do a lot of stretching the next 10 days.
1/21, 7:40a 5.5M easy MemPa LAU10 2/4 T=32; not in the mood for T-workout today!
1/22, 2p 7M 5x800 f|s 3:44 3:46 3:42 3:43 3:40 MemPa PEG27 5/4 T=57, sunny & low hum---enjoyed sitting on the benches and talking to people after the run. Decent make-up workout for Friday; heel somewhathurt but stopped to hurt after a relaced my shows more tightly. 138-90-49 173.0p.
1/25 7a 6.4M very easy Allen SAL10 3/4 T=42+ & quite humid; makeup run after all this rain on Monday; was feeling hyper the whole day yesterday and ran very easy today, also wearing to much cloth including tights that turned out to be much to warm when it didn't rain.138-83-47 171.8p.
1/27 7a 5.5M t: 2000 Allen GHO10 3/3 T=38+; ran okay, after feeling somewhat hyper and tired the last 3 days---also having some congestion due to allergies (cold??). 137-83-47 173.6p Just have to see how the weather and my Houston Marathon unfolds on Sunday!
1/30, 7a 26.7M Houston Marathon 3:53:54 (8:56-pace; 9:02 8:45 8:40 8:52 8:43 8:52 8:51 8:34 8:32 8:35 8:27 8:33 8:36 8:37 8:36 8:39 8:52 9:05 9:08 9:17 9:17 9:19 9:11 9:36 9:35 11:20(1.21M); official splits: 5K:27:20 10k:54:54 15k:1:21:41 20k:1:48:15 Half:1:54:04 25K:2:15:04 30k:2:42:49 35k:3:11:41 40k:3:41:05) Houston BLLAU 9/7 Challenging Conditions: T=64-66; H=95-100%; very damp and kind of foggy, drizzel rain after one hour; occasionally stronger rain. Never felt really good in these conditions, but most other runners didn't feel good either; also ran with some slight heel soreness that fortunately did not get any worse. Picked up the pace nicely after 7 miles for the next 10 miles, but could not maintain the pace; my hip got somewhat tight effecting my running form the last 6 miles, but this cost only 3-4 minutes, because I was really not feeling that great at this stage. A major accomplishment in this race was that I did not walk at the end, although I had a strong urge to do so. I thought I did poorly in the race, but many runner I know had even more problems with the conditions; I guess it was an okay, definitely not good race! I really have to be thankful to the spectators was encouragement quided me through the last 7 miles of the race! 43/308a, 1279/6880o. Weight 173.6p in the morning; had calf cramps again after the race, but not as bad as in Fargo!
1/31 137-80-53; 171.6p; (delayed onset) heel soreness and both calfs quite tight and sore this morning. No running for 4-6 days!
2/5, noon 32 min. St. Bike 6 sets upper body 139-87-47 173.4p
2/6, 7:30a 6M easy 1:01:12 (10:12-pace) MemPa GHO10 3/3 T=35+; quite a bad run, legs not springgy yet, heel hurt a little during the run but not after the run; 174.6p.
2/8, 4:15p 5.5M easy 54:54 Allen SAL10 2/4 143-90-48 175.2p; T=40+; heel somewhat sore; not faster than Sunday!
2/10, 4:50p 6.4M easy AllenR GHO10 2/4 145-88-49; 173.6p; T=35+.
2/12, 11a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/4 T=60; back to normal; nice lunchtime run!
2/13, 1:15p 6M easy 57:01(10:07 8:53) MemPa GHO10 3/3 133-82-48; 172.4p; T=67-69 and sunny. Was supposed to run 9M. but not feeling well since Saturday afternoon; allergies and/or flu/cold; ran well considering this and the warm conditions.
2/15, 7:15a 5.5M very easy Allen SAL10 2/5 T=60+; still sick, ran very slowly; 140-85-59 172.0p
2/17, 5:20p 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/7 T=70; feeling somewhat better; almost dark when I finished!
2/19, 9:20a 6.2M easy with 7 20 sec. strides Allen PEG27 3/5 143-88-52 172.0p.
2/20, 11:40a 10M easy 1:33:13 (9:19-pace; 9:52 9:23 9:17 9:25 9:23 9:34 9:08 9:14 8:59 8:52) MemPa GHO10 3/3 135-85-49; 172.2p; T=72-74; H=73-65% partly cloudy and very windy (20-25 miles p/h). Ran okay, considering the warm and windy conditions and my lack of training the last weeks.
2/21, 5:15p 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/8 T=76-74; in usually warm conditions!
2/23, 10a 10M easy 9:40-pace Hershey GHO11 3/8 T=67-68; h=90%; not a single water fountain was working and also the conditions were quite bad; therefore, I cut the planned 14 miles run to 10 miles!
2/25, 5:30p 5.5M very easy Allen SAL10 3/8 T=74+; not feeling that well! 147-89-53; 172.0p
2/27, 5p 6.2M easy Allen GHO10 3/8 T=73; ran okay after feeling hyper and tired in the morning, postponing the planned 10-14M run to Wednesday.
2/28, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/8 T=64+; 145-88-48; 173.0p.
3/2, 7:20a 13M easy 2:03:30(9:23-pace (9:35-9:11) MemPa PEG27 6/4 Nice day to run; T=46-55 and sunny! Quite slow! 145-88-48 173.0p
3/4, 7a 6.2M easy with 6 25 sec. strides Allen PEG27 3/5 147-87-48 172.2p
3/5, 5p 10M easy 1:32:20 (last 3 miles: 8:40-8:28-8:07) MemPa GHO10 5/4 136-88-48; 173.2p; rare late Saturday run; only T=59 high with strong north wind; decided to pre-run the Sunday morning run. Had problems getting going the first 6M, but finished quite strong!
3/7, 7a 5.5M very easy Allen SAL10 3/8 not feeling that great.
3/9, 7a 5.5M easy with 7 20 sec. strides Allen GHO10 3/5 139-81-49 171.4p.
3/11, 6:50a 16.1M easy 2:30:31 [1:16:11 1:14:20] (9:20-pace) H-MemPa(3)-H PEG27 6/4 Nice day to run; T=45+ & sunny! Quite slow; heel started to feel sore during second half. 141-87-51 172.2p.
3/13, 11:30a 7M 5x800 f|s 4:00 3:58 3:53 3:44 3:46 MemPa LAU10 5/7 First faster run, since a long time; ran suprisingly well; T=72-74; H=64-61%; quite windy!
3/14, 6:30p 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5 147-88-48; 173.2
3/16, 7a 5.5M easy with 6 strides Allen GHO10 3/5 not feeling that great.
3/19, 7a 5M easy North Trail SAL10 3/5
3/20, 6:30p 2M easy Allen SAL10 3/5 sick
3/21, 6:30p 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5 137-83-52; 173.3p.
3/23, 7a 13.2M easy 2:09:08 (1:05:05 1:04:03) H-MemPa(2)-H GHO11 6/9 T=68-77 H=97%+ foggy, then sunny
3/25, 7:20a 6M 4x800 f|s 3:54 3:51 3:44 3:42 MemPa LAU10 5/7 T=66-68 H=94%+, cloudy. Surprisingly fast!
3/27, 7:30a 10.2M easy 94:40 H-MemPa(1)-H PEG27 6/4; 139-87-53; 171.8p
3/28, 6p 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/4
3/30, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5 138-83-50; 172.2p
4/1, 8a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5 142-87-49; 172.2p.
4/2, 7a 17M easy 2:38:40 (58:40(6.25M)-15:30(fast considering I had to run around a lot of Liver Foundation Walkers)) Hershey PEG27 6/8 First 90 minutes in occasional, light drizzel; T=71-73; H=92%+; 173.2p; heel felt occasionally sore in the beginning, but not in the last hour. Run quite slowly but picked up the pace somewhat in the last hour.
4/4, 7a 6.1M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
4/8, 6:45p 5.5M Allen SAL10 3/5 Cancelled run on 4/6 due to bad allergies
4/10, noon 5M MemPa GHO10 3/9 Did not feel like running 18M, and ran lunchtime in Memorial Park in very warm conditions! T=84+ & snny!
4/12, 7p 5.5M very easy Allen SAL10 3/8 not feeling that great.
4/13, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5
4/15, 7p 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
4/17, 6:50a 18M easy 2:52:04 Hearshy SAL10 6/2 Nice day to run; T=52-72 with low humidity; was very slow but finished run, running the last 4 of the last 8 miles under 9:00 pace.
4/19, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
4/21, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
4/23, 7a 14M Half Marathon Race 2:01:06 [1:00:50 1:00:16] Allen BLAU 3/5
4/25, 6:30p 25min Swimming --
4/26, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
4/27, 6:30p 30min Swimming --
4/28, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
4/29, 6:30p 30min Swimming --
5/2, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5
5/6, 7a 6.1M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
5/8, 6:30p 35min Swimming --
5/10, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
5/12, 6:30p 30min Swimming --
5/13, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5 175.2p
5/16, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
5/18, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5 176.8p
5/22, 7a 10.2M easy 1:40:25 (35-33-32) H-MemPa(1)-H PEG27 6/7 T=75-79 with some somewhat cooling wind; if waterfountain on Memorial side north short before MemPa is used as a reference point, we get 3 somewhat equal segments.
5/25, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
5/28, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
5/31, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
6/4, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5 175.6p
6/7, 7:30a 5.9M easy HoChi GHO10 3/5 3 loops on purple trail
6/10, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
6/13, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5
6/17, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
6/21, 7:30a 5.9M easy HoChi GHO10 3/5 3 loops on purple trail
6/25, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5 177.7p
6/28, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5 177.7p
6/30, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
7/5, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
7/8, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5 180.4p
7/10, 7:30a 5.9M easy HoChi GHO10 3/5 3 loops on purple trail
7/12, 7a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
7/15, 7a 5.5M easy Allen PEG27 3/5
7/17, 7a 5.9M easy HoChi GHO10 3/5 3 loops on purple trail
7/22, 7a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/5 178.2p
7/24, 7:20a 6M easy MemPa PEG27 3/5 179.8p.
7/27, 7:15a 5.5M easy Allen SAL10 3/5
7/30, 8a 5.4M easy HoChi GHO10 3/5 purple trail; hill was too slippery to get up; and then pedestrian trail.
7/31, 6:30a 10M easy 1:32:50 (9:10-8:50-9:45) MemPa PEG27 6/8 First BCRR Sunday run since a long time; ran very well considering that my last 10 mile run was on May 22, 2011; T=76-82 H=93-91%; one runner's collapsed at the zero mile marker in Memorial Park, but with the defibrilator they got him back to life after 15, long before the ambulances finally arrived. 180.2p---time to lose some weight!
8/3, 6:30a 7.2M easy 67 minutes Rapid City SD PEG27 4/5 Rapid City on a somewhat green bikepath along a small river, initially running parallel to Omaha Street and then turning SW following the small river; T=64; med. hum; with water carrier.
8/5,6a 6.4M easy 61 minutes Billings, MO GHO11 3/7 Going east from downtown trying to reach the Yellowstone River which I never did, due to construction. T=69+ & quite humid; first run for GHO11.
8/6,6p 8.8M easy on trail 88 minutes Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park PEG27 5/5 Going from the Inn to (Fading) Morning Glory, Biscuit Basin, and finally following a loop around Mystic Lake; almost stopped at the beginning, due to the difficuly of running at 7700 foot, but somewhat adjusted after 10 minutes. T=67- and sunny with med. hum.
8/10, 6:50a 5.5M easy Allen GHO10 3/8 T=81-83; H=90%+. 180.2p
8/12,7:15a 10.2M easy on trail 96 minutes North Boulder, CO SAL10 5/5 Going From Ron's house on Left Hand Trail to to Sage/Eagle Trail to Boulder Water Reservoir and back. Saw a snake, a fox, and got jumped by a lot of grass hoppers. T=61+ and sunny. 179.0p.


LAU10:= Brooks Launch (681/D), red/orange color, size 10.5, in use since April 25, 2010
GHO10:= Brooks Ghost 3 medium, Men's size 10.5, 110076 1D 630; bought on Sept. 7; first run on Sept. 16, 2010.
SAL10:= Salomon S-Labs2 XT Wings; trail running shoe with road running capabilities; supposed to have good friction to deal with slippery mud, size 10.5, bought on September 21; first run on September 29, 2010.
PEG27:= Nike Air Pegasus+ 27, size 10.5, bought and first run on November 21, 2010.
BLLAU:= "black" Brooks Launch 110065 1D 007, size 10.5, same shoe as LAU10, except not red but black/silver/nightlife; bought on December 30, 2010; in use since January 8, 2011.
GHO11:= Brooks Ghost 4 medium, Men's size 10.5, bought on July 2, 2011; first run on August 4, 2011.


MemPa:=Memorial Park 2.93 miles dirt loop
Allen:=Allen Park Way 4.75 miles loop; mildly rolling mostly on asphalt, also call Eleanor Tinsley Park and Buffalo Bayou Trail
RiHerm:=Rice= University and Herrman Park Loop
RivOk :=River Oaks Loop
RivOkAll := River Oaks Loop with Allen Park Way Loop continuation
TangArb:=From Memorial Park Tennis Center following Memorial going south on Chimney Rock and then Tanglewood, returning via PostOak, doing 4 additional miles on the 2.2M outer Arboretum trail and coming back to the start. (14.15M)
Blalock:=Starting from Memorial Park or from Elenor Tisley Park going on Memorial towards Blalock and back.
WhOk:=along White Oak Bayou and White Oak Street also covering miles 3 and 4 of the Houston Marathon course
HCMT:=HoChiMinh trail north of Memorial Park(somewhat challenging and mildly rolling)
Huntsv:= on Huntsville State Park trails, 65 miles north of Houston
Hershey:= going through Terry Hearshey Park (TH-Park Map) and also running on Barker Dam on the other side of highway 6
TownL:=10.1M loop around Town Lake in Austin
Shoal-Cr:=going down Shoalcreek in Austin towards Town Lake usually starting at Anderson Lane and back.
MemTr:=Memorial Park track; warmup and cool down on Memorial Park trail
TM:= on treadmill

Yearly Summaries

Yearly Mileage: 1996:1511; 1997:1619; 1998: 1689; 1999:1877; 2000: 2125; 2001: 2157; 2002: 2392.5; 2003: 2101.0

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