Christoph F. Eick's First Third of 2016 Exercise Log
December 28, 2015 to May 1, 2016

Long Runs Easy Runs Steady Pace Marathon Pace LT-Pace VO2-Pace 1M-Pace Hills Swimming
9:10-10:45 9:45-11:30 9:30-10:00 8:50-9:30 8:35-8:55 8:00-8:30 7:50-8:10 Trails YS^2B

Day Distance WO Time Place Shoe Comment
12/28, 6:50a 6.0M easy Guanacaste, Costa Rica WR18 T=76+ and sunny.
12/30, 8a Minor Hiking 3.0M Mirador Trail, San Antonio NP, Costa Rica WR18 T=79+ and partly cloudy; beautiful view from the Surrughu Point.
1/2, 8:30a 5.5M very easy 1:02:32 Allen DEF7* T=47, overcast and light drizzel in the second half; was sick yesterday (tired and somewhat dizzy with minor digestive problems) and had to cancel yesterday's run and today's meetup 12M hike and was not sure if I could run today, but succeeded although slow. 179.2p: did not gain much weight in Costa Rica.
1/4, 6:55a 5.3M easy 57:51 Allen DST20 T=41+ and sunny; never warmed up and ran therefore quite slowly.
1/6, 1:45p 5.5M easy 59:02 AllenR WR18 T=53+ and drizzel rain the first 40 minutes; delayed the run 75 minutes to run in "less" rain, but it worked.
1/7, 4:40p 9.8M easy 1:41:51 Allen DEF7* T=58- and mostly cloudy; first "good run after the marathon! 1and foggy and humid; another bad run with a somewhat sore right heel; will take 3 rest days. 178.2p.
1/9, 10:20a Minor Hiking 3.3M Lone Star Trail HB T=56+ and partly cloudy; Lone Star Trail had ankle deep water, and, sorry to say, I quit after a little more than 3M.
1/10, 5:25p 5.3M easy 57:31 Allen DST20 T=51- and partly cloudy; not in the mood today in a quite slow run.
1/12, noon 13.6M easy 2:30:03 1:18:13|1:11:50; second half in 10:33-pace H-MemPa(2.45)-H WR18 T=59-61, H=51-38% and sunny with 7mh NWW wind; slow run, but ran second half a little faster and showed some endurance handling the distance without any problems. Unusual day: having lunch at 3:30p.
1/14, 12:20p 6.8M easy 1:14:13 UH_DT3 DEF7* T=62, H=87% and overcast; this is the new UH_DT3 route that goes to UH Downtown via the pedestrian Bridge and then switches over continuing on south side of Buffalo Bayou then crossing the bayou at Long Bridge, continuing to Y-Bridge and then back via Montrose. 2 more more runs for DEF7*!
1/15, 5:00p 4.1M easy NW San Antonio DST20 177.6p
1/18, 12:30p 6.6M very easy UH_DT3 DST20 T=62+, H=87% and overcast; another slow run!
1/20, 5:20p 5.3M easy AllenR DEF7* T=53+ and drizzel rain the first 40 minutes; delayed the run 75 minutes to run in "less" rain, but it worked.
1/23, 8:45a 6.2M easy 1:03:05 Allen DST20 T=46+ and sunny; finally, a normal pace run! 178.4p
1/24, noon 12.0M easy 2:13:45 (1:08:05|1:05:40) H-MemPa(1.33)-AllenR WR18 T=64+ & partly cloudy; slow run on tired legs.
1/27, 7:35 6.5M easy 1:10:33 Allen DST20 T=45+ and mostly cloudy; took me some time to warm up; ran the second half 45 seconds per mile faster; should have done this run yesterday evening, but the weather was really bad: wet and cold!
1/29, 5:20p 6.5M easy 1:06:06 (11:00 10:30 10:10 10:10 9:45 9:40 9:55(0.5)) Allen DEF7* T=65- with med. humidity and termperature dropped fast; the first "good" run in the month of January! Last run for DEF7*.
1/31, 6:55a 13.1M easy 2:24:04 (10:01-pace 11:23|10:38) H-Mem(2.33)-H WR18 T=63-68; H=91-86% and mostly cloudy; started not feeling well but ran the second half okay in somewhat challenging conditions. 178.4p
2/2, 5:25p 5.3M easy 58:02 AllenR DST20 T=71-, H=22% and partly cloudy; slow run today as I felt somewhat tired and not like picking up the pace on the second leg of the run.
2/3, 11:35a 5.4M easy 58:18 Allen WR18 So so run before the Bridge tournament.
2/5, 3:25p 11.9M easy 2:10:40 Allen(2.4) DST20 T=58- and partly cloudy; rare late afternoon semi-long run; things felt quite cold, just wearing a singlet. 179.6p.
2/7, 5:40p 4.1M very easy Allen WR18 T=61- and partly cloudy; recreational run missing most of the first quarter of the Superbowl, but I needed to "clear" my head, after a not so successful weekend at the Houston Bridge Regional.
2/9, 5:35p 5.2M easy 52:50 Allen DST20 T=60- and fire danger=low. hum; finally, a decent paced run!
2/11, 5:25p 5.3M easy 52:52 Allen DST20 T=75-71 and H=48%; kind of tired legs and some pain in my left knee at the beginning of the run; but I ran decently, otherwise!
2/13, 7:05a 16.0M easy 2:52:05 (11:32|10:37|10:21|10:34-pace) H-MemPa(3.33)-H WR18 T=58-66, H=84-56% and mostly cloudy; had digestive problems the first 4 miles of the run, running quite slowly, and almost quit, but run okay and showed some endurance the subsequent 12 miles. 180.4p
2/16, 7:10a 5.1M very easy AllenR DST20 T=50-52, H=83%; could not run in the evening due to a paper deadline, and I had a hard time to convince myself; eventually, I had a very slow run!
2/17, 7:15a 7.2M ftl: 16x 1:00 f|s 1:17:47 UH_DT3 WR18 T=54-56; H=47% and sunny; okay workout today; 180.8p.
2/20, 8:00a 13.5M on sand Surfside Beach Half Marathon 2:08:53 (9:49-pace; 10:07 9:55 9:57 10:14 9:34 9:19 10:10 09:59 9:57 9:53 9:37 9:09 8:24(0.11M)) Surfside Beach, Texas WR18 T=66-75 H=87-68% and sunny with surprisingly, little 3-8m/ph wind; sluggish race in somewhat challenging, fell a sleep miles 7-10 after I picked up the pace on miles 5-6 and my last mile was my fasted; miles 1-5 the sand was not easy to run on but the footing miles 6-13 was decent! not a good race effortwise; 2/15a 56/306o; will try to do more speedwork---if I convince myself?!--- in the next 2 months.
2/23, 5:15p 5.3M easy 56:16 AllenR DST20 T=60- and mostly cloudy with 35m/ph WNW wind, making the run very unusual!
2/25, 12:25p 5.9M easy 1:03:30 UH_DT2 WR18 T=67+ and H=35% abd sunny; kind of hyper and therefore not running too well today!
2/26, 5:45p 5.2M easy 51:41 (paces: 10:20 10:45 9:25 9:35 9:25) AllenR DST20 T=61- and sunny cooling down very quickly, leading to very good running conditions; surprisingly fast today on the last 3 miles, after feeling quite tired after I returned from work. 180.6p.
2/28, 7:15a 18.0 12.9M easy 2:23:33 (11:25|10:55-pace) Hershey WR18 T=54-67, H=90-66% and mostly cloudy; feeling quite tired and flat today and decided to run on 13 slowly and not 18 miles, as I was supposed to!
3/2, 7:00a 6.1M easy 1:06:36 AllenR DST20 T=57+ and partly cloudy; was supposed to run on Tuesday, but did not feel like doing it! Another slow run! 181.4p.
3/3, 6:45a 5.7M m: 2.4M 58:38 (9:24-pace in faster 2.4M) AllenR WR18 T=70+; H=90- and overcast; okay workout in quite bad conditions; not used anymore to run faster than 10:00-pace!
3/5, 5:30p 4.0M very easy 1:06:36 AllenR DST20 Run/walked as I had digestive problem with respect to the liver I ate at lunchtime.
3/6, 5:00p 7.1M easy 1:13:19 UH_DT3 DST20 T=72-, H=54+% and partly cloudy; decent run after feeling hyper most of the day! 180.4p.
3/10, 5:45p 5.2M very easy Allen WR18 Slowed down by digestive problems and feelign weak and tired on Monday and Tuesday, cancelling Tuesday's run.
3/12,7:25a 9.2M easy 1:41:31 H-Mem(1)-H DST20 T=65+, but low hum; slow and still feeling weak, but at least I finished the run.
3/14,7:45a 14.8M easy 2:50:22 Hilton(4.8M)-East Beach Loop(5.2M)-Hilton WR18 T=66-68, H=99-91%, overcast with 14m/ph "reverse" SSE wind with water carrier; very slow run, also slowed down by head-wind on miles 7 and 10-15 and the muddy East Beach full of puddles; anyhow, surprisingly, I did not have difficulties with the distance, and felt "quite okay" after the run.
3/17, 6:25p 5.5M easy AllenR DST20 T=76- and hum; not feeling well---something in my stomach does not feel right---and took it easy today! 180.0p.
3/19, 12:20p 10.1M easy 1:51:47 H-Mem(1.333)-H WR18 T=59-63 and low hum; initially overcast, then partly cloudy an a very cool and windy Spring day good for running! Another slow run, but at least I felt somewhat okay today.
3/20, 6:05p 5.7M easy 58:56 AllenR R8 T=62-, H=23%+ and sunny with strong north winds; finally, a reasonably paced run, covering miles miles 2-5 in 10:05-pace; first run for R8!
3/23, 6:05p 6.6M easy 1:08:18 BCRR Breas_Rice Route (running Morningside and Swift after the second water stop) DST20 T=69-, overcast and light rain, most of the time; ran miles 4-6 averaging 10:02-pace! First BCRR Wednesday run in 2016! miles: 1.42(first water stop)-2.28(entering Breas Bajou Long Stretch)- 4.1(end off oven)-4.4(seond waterstop)-5.8(entering Rice)... 180.0p.
3/24, 5:00p 5.1M very easy 57:23 AllenR WR18 T=62-, H=23%+ and sunny with strong north winds; beaten up sore and stiff from yesterday's run.
3/26, 8:00a 11.0M (3.3M-Race-3.7M) Memorial Park 4M Brunch Run 34:40 (8:40-pace; 8:48 8:41 8:51 8:19) Houston, Texas BoBoo5 T=52-57, H=97-88% and partly cloudy; 7/35a 304/1527o; first time in 2016, running faster than 9-minute pace, providing some kind of "shock" for my body will try to do more speedwork---if I convince myself?!--- in the next 2 months.
3/27, 6:20p 5.0M easy NW AllenR DST20 T=76-, H=55%+ and partly cloudy; somewhat stiff from yesterday's run.
3/29, 7:00a 5.7M easy 1:03:11 AllenR WR18 T=67+, H=93%- and overcast; still sleepy when running, saving myself for tomorrow's run.
3/31, 6:55a 5.8M easy 1:01:51 Allen DST20 T=73+, H=93%- and overcast; another slow run in quite bad conditions. Makeup for BCRR We. ev. run, that was postponed due to bad weather. 181.8p.
4/2,7:25a 14.1M easy 2:32:15 H-Mem(2.7)-H R8 T=53+, low hum; okay run in very good conditions after a slow start, running the first 5 miles in 11:30-pace, but the last 2 miles in 10:10-pace and miles 9-12 in 10:30-pace; no problems with the distance, although the good conditions helped.
4/5, 6:10p 5.2M easy 55:25 AllenR DST20 T=79-, H=37%+ and partly cloudy; after stuck for 40 minutes in a traffic jam in DT, and then having car trouble! 180.8p.
4/7, 7:05a 5.3M easy 58:13 Allen WR18 T=53+, H=86%- and partly cloudy; slow run, after not feeling well the day before.
4/8, 6:10p 6.2M easy 1:05:35 UH_DT2 DST20 T=81-, H=28%+ and partly cloudy; so so run in very warm conditions with low humidity.
4/10, 6:55a 12.2M easy 2:16:46 H-Mem(1.9)-H R8 T=64-72, H=93-83% and mostly cloudy; really slow today!
4/12, 6:20p 5.0M easy 53:17 AllenR WR18 T=77 & H=78% and mostly cloudy!
4/14, 6:15p 5.7M easy 1:02:49 AllenR DST20 T=77 & H=58% and partly cloudy!
4/17, 5:30p 5.3M easy 57:57 AllenR WR18 T=78- but low hum>!
4/20, 6:20p 5.3M easy 57:37 AllenR WR18 T=78- and sunny; after all this rain, Allen Parkway finally dried up; 183.2p: getting really fat!
4/23, 7:10a 10.0M easy 1:52:23 H-Mem(1.3)-H R8 T=62+; ran the first 7 miles very slowly, but miles 8 and 9 were 10:25-pace; handled the distance okay, considering my recent lack of running!
4/25, 7:05a 5.4M easy 58:19 AllenR DST20 T=69+, H=94%- and mostly cloudy.
4/27, 6:20p 2.9M very easy Allen WR18 Ran only 2.5M, and had to shorten the workout due to stomach cramps. 183.2p.
4/29, 7:05a 5.3M easy 58:05 AllenR WR18 T=74+, H=94%- and mostly cloudy.
5/1, 7:15a 11.1M easy 2:03:57 H-Mem(1.63)-H R8 T=75-76, H=93-85%, mostly cloudy; so so run, but handled the distance well!


DEF7*:= Brooks Defyance 7 medium, width D, electric/silver/nightlife, 110155 1D 793, size 11; 10.9 oz, RW 64/35/73/54/31/77 (Defyance6); bought on October 19, 2014; identical with DEF7; first run on December 8, 2014; retired January 29, 2016 with 486.1M.
BoBoo5:= Adizero Boston Boost 5 m; M29704; size 11; 9.0 oz (size 9), RW 33/82/40/31/45/67; bought on October 24, 2014; first run don October 29, 2014; 131.1M as off April 30, 2016. In contrast, to the elite-popular Adidas Adizero Adios Boost profile 20/87/15/19/16/61, the Boston is about 1 oz heavier, somewhat stiffer, slightly higher and has more, although not a lot, forefoot cushioning. In contrast to the Brooks Launch, the shoe is stiffer, has significantly less forefoot cushioning, is significantly lower, and has more stability features.
WR18:= Mizuno Wave Rider 18; J1GC150303 410654.9073, white-black-lightgreen, size 11; 10.4 oz (size 11), quite light, 59/66/54/39/59/96; less cushioned and much stiffer compared to the previous versions; bought on February 14, 2015, first run on June 3, 2015; 473.3M as off April 30, 2016, to be retired May 16, 2016.
DST20:= Asics Gel-DS Trainer 20; T528N 4293, blue-silver-black, size 11.5; 10.1 oz (size 11, DST 19), RW 50/75/64/51/54/38 (Trainer 19); bought on July 25, 2015, first run on August 9, 2015, 284.5M as off April 30, 2016.
R8:= Saucony Ride 8 medium is a light, very stiff shoe with a lot of forefoot and less heel cushioning, SIL/RED/CTN, S20273-1, mediun, size 11; 9.6 oz; 55/84/51/39/67/98 (Ride 7); bought on Feb. 27, 2016; first run on March 20, 2016, 42.0M as off April 30, 2016.

Running Routes

Allen:=Allen Park Way 4.75 miles loop; mildly rolling mostly on asphalt, also called Eleanor Tinsley Park and Buffalo Bayou Trail
UH_DT:= going to Sabine Bridge and then continuing north east on a new narrow bike path along Buffalo Bayou to the door steps of UH-Downtown and back---a 5.5M run from where I live; the slightly longer route UH-DT2, returning via the Montrose foot bridge, finishing on Clay is 5.9M, and UH_DT3 going back via the long, new bridge is 6.9M
UH_Allen:= 7.7M doing the Allen Parkway loop with a side trip to UH Downtown.
MemPa:=Memorial Park 2.93 miles packed dirt trail loop
RiceHerm:=Rice University and Herrman Park Loop
RiceBraes:= Modified 6.7M route of the BCRR Wednesday 6.57M Route going from Rice University to the Medical Center via Braes Bayou turning of the bayou at Montclair and then going north on Morningside at the water fountain, turning right/left into Swift/Stockton (estimated length 6.76M).
RivOk :=River Oaks Loop
RivOkAll := River Oaks Loop with Allen Park Way Loop continuation
Hershey:= going through Terry Hershey Park (TH-Park Map) and also running on Barker Dam on the other side of Highway 6.
Blalock:=Starting from Memorial Park or from Elenor Tisley Park going on Memorial towards Blalock and back.
HoChi:= Ho Chi Minh Trail south of Memorial Park, is a jungle-like trail going through dense bushes and forrest with ups and down; however, the purple trail (estimated length 1.93M) has very good footing and can even be used for speed work.
H-Mem(Y)-H:= from home going to Memorial Park via Montrose/Pedestrian Bridge, then doing X loops in Memorial Park and back the same way; 10M, 12.9M, 15.9M, 18.8M for 1, 2, 3, 4 Memorial Park loops.
TownL:=10.2M loop around Town Lake in Austin
Shoal-Cr:=going down Shoalcreek in Austin towards Town Lake usually starting at Northcross continuing east on Foster Kane and then going south on Shoalcreek and back, running on the bike lane.
East Beach= Going from your Galveston hotel via Seawall to the east end of Galveston Island, then following the 5.2M East Beach Loop: south on Boddeker Drive, continuing on the beach going west for about a mile connecting via Apffel Park Road going north then west and then north again back to Seawall, possibly repeating this loop multiple times, and then running back to your Galveston hotel, usually seeing a lot of fisherman and
TM:= on treadmill

Yearly Summaries

Yearly Mileage: 1996:1511; 1997:1619; 1998: 1689; 1999:1877; 2000: 2125; 2001: 2157; 2002: 2392.5; 2003: 2101.0

Past Training Logs

Beginning 2000, Beginning 2001, Beginning 2002, Beginning 2003, Beginning 2004, Beginning 2005, End 1999, End 2000, End 2001, End 2002, End 2003, End 2010, Mid 1999, Mid 2000, Mid 2001, Mid 2002, Mid 2003, Mid 2004, Early 2010 , Late 2010, Early 2011, Late 2011, Late 2012, Early 2013, Late 2013, Early 2014, Late 2014, First Third 2015, Second Third 2015, Third Third 2015.

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