Christoph F. Eick's Second Third of 2015 Exercise Log
April 25, 2015 to September 6, 2015

Long Runs Easy Runs Steady Pace Marathon Pace LT-Pace VO2-Pace 1M-Pace Hills Swimming
8:55-10:15 9:15-10:30 8:55-9:10 8:45-9:15 8:25-8:45 7:45-8:00 7:30-7:45 Trails YS^2B

Day Distance WO Time Place Shoe Comment
4/25, 7:00a 15.7M Brozos Bend 25K, Needville, Texas 2:33:25 (9:46-pace(15.7M) pace (my best guess!): 10:11 10:06 10:06 9:46 9:46 9:46 9:41 9:41 9:41 9:41 9:41 9:41 9:39 9:38 9:56 9:46 (0.7M) Houston R7 T=74-75-66-65-66, very warm and damp and then very serious thunderstorms followed by normal thunderstorms, then light rain the last 30 minutes! The heavy thurderstorms were accompanied with 40 miles per hour tailwind and a lot of lightnings one hour into the race: the temperature dropped by 9 degrees; then slushing trail with a lot of puddles the last 120 minutes; overall, a decent run considering the conditions; also misjudged the distance and did not pick up the pace, when I was close to the finish line, thinking I still had 2 miles to go; 69/209o.
4/27, 6:20p 5.4M easy 51:25 Allen DEF7* T=76- and sunny; still felt beaten up from Saturday's race, but was able to pick up the pace the last 3 miles; 179.2p.
4/2930, 7a6:20p 5.4M easy 52:05 Allen LAU T=78-, low. hum and sunny; makeup run for the cancelled We. morning run, due digestive problems.
5/1, 6:25p 6.1M steady 55:38 (Ran the last 4.6 miles in 8:55-pace) UH_DT2 R7 T=79- and partly cloudy; decent steady run after a tiring week at work.
5/3, 7:15a 10.0M easy 1:40:25 (35:35 31:03 33:47) H-Mem(1)-H DEF7* T=60+, partly cloudy, med. hum; quite a poor run not feeling 100% okay!
5/4, 6:10p 5.4M easy 53:03 Allen R7 T=81- & sunny; still not feeling 100%..
5/6, 6:20p 5.4M easy 51:40 Allen LAU T=82- & mostly cloudy; a somewhat better run today; 179.8p.
5/8, 7:00a 15.2M very easy (walked over the flooded East Beach and 2.5M of the last 5M) 3:02:40 (31:17 (2.7M Hilton to Galvez) 25:32 (2.25 Galvez to Apfel) 58:21 (loop; 5.3M due to puddles) 28:04 39:29) East Beach Loop, Galveston once, starting from the Hilton Resort at 54th! R7 T=75+ overcast than mostly cloudy and H=96%; really bad conditions; not feeling well and not in this mood this morning and almost stopped after half a mile, but then got my act together, although I walked a lot the last 5 miles.
5/10, 5:35p 5.9M steady 54:38 UH_DT2 DEF7* T=76- and off and on light rain with high humidity; ran about 9:10 pace for 4M, but this felt really (too) hard.
5/11, 6:55p 5.3M easy 51:13 Allen LAU T=78- & H=72% and mostly cloudy; okay, relaxed run; 178.6p
5/14, 6:55p 5.3M 3.5M easy 51:13 Allen R7 T=80- & H=72% and cloudy; makeup run for the thunderstorm cancelled run yesterday; had to cut the run short after digestive problems that started after lunch and continued for 48 hours.
5/16, 7:25a 5.3M easy 54:12 Allen LAU T=76+ & H=95-% and mostly cloudy; slow run in miserable conditions, after have some digestive issues the last 2 days. Last run for LAU! 179.2p
5/17, 6:10p 5.5M easy 52:35 Allen R7 T=76- & H=81+% and overcast; okay run after a lot of watching Bridge online and seeing the Rockets win!
5/18, 6:25p 27min Swimming First swimm of 2015!
5/19, 6:25p 5.4M easy 50:33 AllenR DEF7* T=81- & H=71+% and sunny; decent run after feeling not too well the whole day due to too much wine the night before!
5/21, 6:50a 5.6M easy 55:04 UH_DT R7 T=75+ and H=98%- and partly cloudy; tough run in very bad conditions.
5/23, 7:30a 10.0M easy 1:39:49 (35:30 30:15 34:04; 9:58-pace) H-Mem(1)-H DEF7* T=77-82 & H=93-81% and partly cloudy; somewhat slow in challenging conditions. 179.4p.
5/25, 7:00a 5.9M easy 58:12 UH_DT2 R7 T=73- & H=95-%.
5/28, 7:00p 5.4M easy 52:12 AllenR R7 T=85-& H=72-% and partly cloudy; Tuesday's run was cancelled due to flooding (water dropped 25 feet in 48 hours) and Wednesday's run was cancelled due to diarrhea.
5/29, 6:55p 39min Swimming Temperature was still 85 at 6:30p, and I decided not to run but rather to swimm tonight!
5/31, 7:35a 10.0M easy 1:38:13 (35:35 30:07 32:30; 9:49-pace) H-Mem(1)-H DEF7* T=68-74& H=93-86% and mostly cloudy with 5mph NNW wind; started slowly but picked up the pace nicely on the third leg in somewhat cooler conditions. 180.2p.
6/1, 6:50p 5.3M easy 51:41 Allen R7 T=85-& H=41%+; okay although slow run.
6/3, 7:15p 5.3M easy 51:41 Allen WR18 T=84-& H=59%+; not running well today; first run for WR18.
6/5, 7:05p 6.1M easy 58:42 (14:06 13:09 12:58 11:23 6:54) UH_DT2 R7 T=88-& H=58%+; decent run in quite warm conditions; ran legs 2, 3, and 4 pretty fast! run for WR18.
6/6, 9:20a 24min Swimming Short swimm before breakfast!
6/7, 7:00p 5.4M easy 53:56 Allen DEF7* T=88-& H=48%+; probably, worst conditions so far, after a frustrating second section at Swiss at the Bridge Sectional.
6/10, 8:40a 3.7M easy Allen R7 T=86+& H=70%+ and sunny; ran too late and it was really hot and I was still beaten up from the Washington trip and cut the run short.
6/11, 6:50p 45min Swimming 181.2p
6/12, 7:00a 7.1M easy 1:09:26 UH_DT3_R R7 T=79(!)-85, H=89-75% and partly cloudy; okay run in very challenging conditions.
6/14, 7:00a 10.0M easy 1:39:49 (35:07 30:04 34:39; 9:58-pace) H-Mem(1)-H DEF7* T=77-76 & H=89% sunshine at the beginnig and end of the run, but was slowed down by occasionally heavy rain that lasted for one hour, also resulting in bad footing in the second half of the run.
6/15, 6:40p 3.7M easy Allen R7 T=83& H=77%+; cut run short due to a heavy thunderstorm.
6/18, 7:05p 5.5M easy 54:07 Allen DEF7* T=85-& H=82%+; okay run in very muggy conditions after a very stressful day at work.
6/20, 7:30p 47min Swimming 181.2p!
6/21, 7:20a 7.2M easy 1:07:09 UH_DT3 R7 T=80-83%, H=94-89% and overcast; two back to back runs in miserable conditions.
6/23, 7:20a 5.5M easy 57:52 (walked 4:00) AllenR DEF7* T=79=82 H=90-86% and partly cloudy; tired run in which I sweated a lot.
6/23, 7:05a 7.1 4.7M easy LoBrLoR R7 H=90-86% and sunny; did not feel well and therefore cut the run short!
6/27, 7:00a 5.3M easy 55:07 (walked 3:00) AllenR WR18 T=79=81 H=90-82% and partly cloudy; decided to move the longer run to Sunday or Tuesday; 180.2p.
6/28, 6:15p 4.6M easy 44:49 LoBrLoR R7 T=87-85, H=63-68% and mostly cloudy; okay run in the June evening heat; cancelled long run I was supposed to run this morning, and replaced it by a shorter evening run.
6/30, 6:55a 2.0M (walked 1M) easy AllenR DEF7* T=78, H=92% and mostly cloudy; felt strange (somewhat tired and dizzy at the same time) and stopped the run; perhaps a side effect of Edibicolor...
7/1, 7:05a 5.7M easy 58:33 AllenR R7 T=73-76, H=98-96% and partly cloudy; felt somewhat better but running this morning felt really hard; had to get around obstractes due to mud and July 4 Firework fences and therefore ran a much longer route; 179.4p.
7/4, 7:10a 5.1M easy 52:35 AllenR DEF7* T=78+, H=92%- and mostly cloudy; still not running well, but at least I ran the whole way and did not do any walking!
7/5, 10a 105 minutes Hiking 5.5M Exploring Eisenhower Park. HB With Houston Trails & More Meetup Group on a quite warm day; first hike in 3 months north east of Houston just a few miles south of Lake Houston. 180.4p
7/6, 6:40p 45min Swimming Temperature was still 89 at 6:15p, and I decided it not a good evening to run but rather to swimm tonight!
7/9, 7:10a 5.4M easy 55:32 AllenR DEF7* T=77-80, H=94-88% and partly cloudy; finally, and okay, although slow run; felt good after the run. Had to cancel Tuesday's run due to sickness. 182.2p; hopefully, by September 30, 2015 my weight will be: 175.0p.
7/11, 7:20a 7.1M easy 1:08:40 UH_DT3 R7 T=78-84, H=90-82% and partly cloudy; decent run a a reasonable pace! Second to last run for R7.
7/13, 6:50a 5.5M easy 57:07 AllenR DEF7* T=77-79, H=94-89% and partly cloudy; expectedly slow run after too much red wine the night before. 181.2p.
7/15, 7:00a 5.6M easy 56:04 AllenR WR18 T=76-79, H=93-84% and partly cloudy; okay but definitely not good run!
7/17, 6:55a 7.0M easy 1:08:12 UH_DT3 R7 T=79-84, H=94-86% and partly cloudy; decent run a reasonable pace! Last run for R7!
7/18, 7:20a 39min Swimming Rare Saturday morning swimm! 180.6p!
7/19, 6:45a 5.4M m: 2000-RE2:-1200 50:36 AllenR DEF7* T=79-83, H=96-92% and mostly cloudy; okay run in very humid conditions!
7/21, 6:55a 6.0M easy 59:59 UH_DT2r WR18 T=79-84, H=95-88% and partly cloudy; okay run. 180.6p
7/24, 7:00a 5.5M easy 57:36 AllenR DEF7* T=79-84, H=95-88%; tired run today!
7/25, 7:40a 43min Swimming Another Morning Swimm! .
7/26, 6:50a 8.0M easy 1:21:48 (10:13-pace; 30:50-30:35-10:35-9:48) MemPa WR18 T=80-84, H=92-85%, cloudy the partly cloudy; quite slow and poor run feeling kind of exhausted most of the way, but I showed a little endurance as I was able to pick up the pace a little on the last mile. First Memorial Park run since almost six weeks (since June 14, 2015). Surprising got handed a BCRR Runner of Season 2nd Place Veterans Award when I was sitting on the streching deck: I guess everybody else was injured, as I was winning the award just running 4 HARRA races; 179.4p.
7/29, 6:45a 6.0M easy 59:22 UH_DT2R WR18 T=78-80, H=96-93% and mostly cloudy; okay run.
7/31, 6:40a 5.5M easy 56:17 AllenR DEF7* T=82-84, H=75-71% and partly cloudy; running in the heat early in the morning!
8/1, 6:40a 9.0M easy 1:26:25 (9:35-pace 9:49|9:21; 34:32 9:47 9:35 32:30) H-Mem(2/3)-H WR18 T=80-82, H=59-54% (!!), partly cloudy; excellent run in somewhat warm but decent conditions due to the very low humidity.
8/3, 6:35a 7.2M easy 1:11:33 UH_DT3r DEF7* T=77-78, H=88-82% and partly cloudy; so so run; 180.8p.
8/5, 7:35a 4.5 1.25M easy Grand Lake, Colorado WR18 Tried to do a short morning run, but discovered quickly that I was not acclimated enough for running at 8400 feet after arriving the night before at 7:30p.
8/5, 10a 190 minutes Major Hiking 8.75M On East Inlet Trail almost to Pine Lake, Grand Lake, CO. HB T=63+; on a very nice trail seeing Adam's Fall and go up a challenging ridge where you go kind of under a big rock then seeing a nice white water stream near the top, also passing a big nice early; got the wrong instructions and turned around and did not quite make is to Pine Lake; also did a small 0.4M add-on loop at Adam's Fall; I started at 8400 feet and reached my highest point which was the top of the ridge at 9200 feet.
8/6, 11a 150 minutes Major Hiking 7.0M (6.2 (Ute) 0.4 (to the top at 12008 ft.) 0.4 (other)) Ute Trail, Rocky Mountains National Park. HB T=60+ with 25-45 miles per hour winds. Hiked Ute trail for 1 hour out and then back (11800-11200 feet) and also got to the top at 12008 foot in extreme windy conditions; at least 40 miles per hour wind near Alpine Visitor Center which made hiking difficult today; felt somewhat exhausted after the hike; perhaps the high elevation and the high altitude sun exposure did it to me!
8/7, 6:45a 6.0M easy on trail 1:00:30 (30:40|29:30) Ron's house on Sage/Eagle trail to Eagle Trail Trailhead, Boulder WR18 T=52(??)-61; H=78-56% and partly cloudy. Okay run, considering all the hiking I did the last 2 days; doing well to run the 1000 meter climb without stopping! Most likely, the distance is really 2.8M one way, but I added a "trail bonus" to the distance.
8/8, 6:35a 10.3M (5.8+4.5) easy on trail 1:43:02 (30:10|22:30|22:17|28:05) Sage/Eagle trail then Boulder Water Reservoir Loop(22:30) WR18 T=57-64, H=90-77% and mostly cloudy. Very good run; picked up the pace nicely on the last 2.5M on the out-and-back route!
8/9, 8:00a 4.8M easy Cottonwood Trail, Boulder DST20 T=61-64; H=75-66% and partly cloudy. Ran with the Boulder Road Runners (BRR) and chated with them after the race. Took quite a fall slighly injuring the inside of my left hand and slightly bruising my left knee. First run for DST20! Then saw Leon Russell at the Boulder Theater in the evening!!
8/10, 11a 120 minutes Hiking 4.45M Brainard Lake (10,400 feet), near Ward, Colorado. HB T=65+; hiked with Ron and Joan; were forced to do the hike to Blue Lake via Michell Lake as the parking lot for the other hike was full, but did not quite make it to Blue Lake (11200 feet); saw 2 moose on the trail.
8/11, 6:50a 8.45M easy on trail & dirt road 1:22:56 (27:00 18:35|8:25 back from LHTH to Ron's house) Lefthand Trail, 39th, 41st street, Boulder WR18 T=59+ and mostly cloudy; felt kind of beaten up at the beginning, but was able to pickup the pace after 3 miles. Colroado Visit Exercise Summary: 51.0M in 7 days (30.8M running & 20.2 hiking); more than doubled last week's mileage!
8/13, 6:25a 6.2M easy 1:01:31 UH_DT2R DEF7* T= 79-81, H=84-76% and mostly cloudy; okay run after the first rest day yesterday since running and hiking 7 days! 181.2p: gained 1.4p since I came back from Boulder.
8/15, 6:45a 12.0M easy 1:58:30 (35:24(digestive problems) 24:56(2.5M) 23:50(2.5M) 34:20 (struggling but not slowing down much); 9:52-pace) H-Mem(1.67)-H WR18 T=79-83& H=79-70% and sunny and light NE wind; decent run, although I was struggling near the end!
8/16, 4:30p 5.6M easy 53:43 [28:00|25:45] Fisherman's Wharf to Cressy Field, San Francisco DEF7* T=84-81, H=43-46% and partly cloudy; from Northpoint at Jones going west, turning south on Van Ness continuing the steep uphill to Fort Mason, continuing on Marina and back; so so run. In the evening, I saw the John Garcia Band at Biscuits and Blues; they are playing good "old" blues.
8/16, 6:40p and 8:40p 80 minutes Hiking 6.0M Walking to the Blues Club and around Fisherman's Wharf From Mason at Northpoint to 404 Mason at Geary, going over the Russian Hill and then the NOB hill.
8/17, 5:30p 6.9M easy 1:03:19 [33:02|30:17] Fisherman's Wharf towards Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco DST20 T=69-65, H=74-81% mostly overcast and foggy and 15mph sww head wind on the first leg of the out_and_back run; from Northpoint at Jones going west, turning south on Van Ness continuing the steep uphill to Fort Mason, continuing on Marina and back; a very good run; ran much faster than yesterday.
8/18, noon 70 minutes Hiking 2M Exploring Yosemity during a Heat Wave.
8/20, 5:40a 13.6M(?) easy 2:10:18 (1:08:57 1:01:21) Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path, northern Seaside to Marina, CA DEF7* T=64-67 & H=73-68% and overcast, had to run in the dark the first 45 minutes and ran slowly in the dark and missed the bikepath and run a 4:00 deadend loop, but picked up the pace significantly in the last 85 minutes of the run. Should have run on Park Trail half the route instead, but missed the entrance in the dark!!
8/21, noon and 4p 120 minutes Hiking 5M Major Walking in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica
8/21, 6:20p 4.6M very easy 46:36 Cheviot Hill, Los Angeles DST20 T=74- and partly cloudy; around the Rancho Park Golf Course and the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, starting at the Intercontinental, Century City. Took it easy: still beaten up from yesterday's long run.
8/22, noon 100 minutes Hiking 3M Exploring Holywood
8/22, 5:05p 5.9M easy 54:41 Cherviot Hill, Los Angeles DEF7* T=82-78; H=56-62%- and sunny; around the Rancho Park Golf Course and the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, starting at the Intercontinental Hotel, Century City with an 1.2M add-on going and east on the hilly Motor street. Finally, recovered from the Thursday's long run, and had a decent run today! California Visit Exercise Summary: 52.6M (36.6M running, and 16.0M hiking and walking)
8/23, 7:10p 5.2M (walked 0.5M) easy Allen WR18 T=88-87, H=72-76% and partly cloudy; welcome back to the Houston; ran okay but then had to walk the last half mile due to stomach cramps: ate some spicy Mango Curry just 190 minutes before the run which turned out too much; this concludes running 4 days in a row. First evening run since June 26, 2015. 179.8p: did neither gain nor lose weight in Calfornia.
8/25, 6:35a 6.0M easy 58:24 UH_DT2r DEF7* T= 79-80, H=90-89% and mostly cloudy; on tired legs and a sore right hip, inspite of the restday yesterday.
8/26, 6:25p 6.7M easy 1:04:30 (15:09 (Golf_WS)-40:42(End_Ov)-44:14(Wa_Stop_2); walked 4 minutes after I reached Stockton and then jogged to the finish.) WE-BCRR Route WR18 T=89-86; H=43-50% and partly cloudy in Arizona-style weather with NEE wind. First WE-run with BCRR since the Summer break; ran pretty well until we reached Stockton; only 32 seconds slower than on October 22, 2014! First faster run since April 2015. 180.8p.
8/28, 6:45a 5.5M easy 56:06 AllenR DST20 T=73, H=91% and partly cloudy; slow: still beaten up from running quite fast Wednesday evening!
8/30, 6:30a 15.0M easy 2:26:40 (9:46-pace; 1:38:50 (10M; 37:45 27:50 33:15) 24:44(2.5M) 23:05(2.5M)) RivOk / MemPa WR18 T=72-79& H=88-71% and partly cloudy; first run since January 4, 2015; mastered the distance although somewhat slow, but was able to pick up the pace on the last 2.5M!
8/31, 6:50p 5.3M easy 52:07 Allen DEF7* T=82-80& H=72-70% and partly cloudy; decent run, as I was feeling not too beaten up after Sunday's long run. Positive weather change: the high was supposed to be 95, but due to some rain in the early afternoon the temperature at 6:00p was only 84! 180.0p.
9/2, 6:25p 6.7M easy 1:05:38 (15:28 (Golf_WS)-41:10(End_Ov)-44:04(Wa_Stop_2)-56:27(Stockton)); WE-BCRR Route DST20 T=86-80; H=70-79% and mostly cloudy. About 1 minute slower than last week; did't have someone to keep up this time and the humidity was much worse this time.
9/4, 6:50p 6.4M easy 1:01:11 Allen DEF7* T=85-84& H=76-79% and mostly cloudy; so so run in very warm and humid conditions.
9/5, 7:10a 38min Swimming First swimm of the 2015 Swimming Season II (September 5-November 5, 2015). 179.4p.
9/6, 6:30qa 9.8M easy 1:35:01 (walked 15 minutes) MemPa & Allen WR18 T=78-79& H=95-94% and sunny; tried to keep up with Steve and others miles 3-7, and felt quite dehydrated and exhausted after doing that, and decided to throw in a 15 minute walking break but tried to run the last mile fast, which turned out to be difficult.

The Path to the San Antonio Marathon


LAU:= Brook Launch medium size 11 110065 1D 041 in carribeansea blue, 9.4oz; RW 39/96/21/67/95/39; bought on Dec. 30, 2013; first run on Tuesday, January 7, 2014; retired on May 16, 2015 with 342.2M.
R7:= Saucony Ride 7 medium is a light, very stiff shoe with a lot of forefoot and slightly less heel cushioning, BLU/BLK/CTN, S20241-1,size 11; 9.6 oz, RW 39/67/98/54/85/51; bought on June 10, 2014; first run on June 18, 2014; retired on July 17, 2015 with 504.3M.
DEF7*:= Brooks Defyance 7 medium, width D, electric/silver/nightlife, 110155 1D 793, size 11; 10.9 oz, RW 64/35/73/54/31/77 (Defyance6); bought on October 19, 2014; identical with DEF7; first run on December 8, 2014; 333.4M as off August 31, 2015.
BoBoo5:= Adizero Boston Boost 5 m; M29704; size 11;9.0 oz (size 9), RW 33/82/40/31/45/67; bought on October 24, 2014; first run don October 29, 2014; 46.8M as off April 30, 2015. In contrast, to the elite-popular Adidas Adizero Adios Boost profile 20/87/15/19/16/61, the Boston is about 1 oz heavier, somewhat stiffer, slightly higher and has more, although not a lot, forefoot cushioning. In contrast to the Brooks Launch, the shoe is stiffer, has significantly less forefoot cushioning, is significantly lower, and has more stability features.
WR18:= Mizuno Wave Rider 18; J1GC150303 410654.9073, white-black-lightgreen, size 11; 10.4 oz (size 11), quite light, less cushioned and much stiffer compared to the previous versions, RW 39/59/96/49/66/54; bought on February 14, 2015, first run on June 3, 2015; 110.1M as off August 31, 2015.
DST20:= Asics Gel-DS Trainer 20; T528N 4293, blue-silver-black, size 11.5; 10.1 oz (size 11, DST 19), RW 50/75/64/51/54/38 (Trainer 19); bought on July 25, 2015, first run on August 9, 2015, 20.8M as off August 31, 2015.

Running Routes

Allen:=Allen Park Way 4.75 miles loop; mildly rolling mostly on asphalt, also called Eleanor Tinsley Park and Buffalo Bayou Trail
UH_DT:= going to Sabine Bridge and then continuing north east on a new narrow bike path along Buffalo Bayou to the door steps of UH-Downtown and back---a 5.5M run from where I live; the slightly longer route UH-DT2, returning via the Montrose foot bridge, finishing on Clay is 5.9M, and UH_DT3 going back via the long, new bridge is 6.9M
UH_Allen:= 7.7M doing the Allen Parkway loop with a side trip to UH Downtown.
MemPa:=Memorial Park 2.93 miles packed dirt trail loop
RiceHerm:=Rice University and Herrman Park Loop
RiceBraes:= Modified 6.76M route of the BCRR Wednesday 6.57M Route going from Rice University to the Medical Center via Braes Bayou turning of the bayou at Montclair and then going north on Morningside at the water fountain, turning right/left into Swift/Stockton (estimated length 6.76M).
RivOk :=River Oaks Loop
RivOkAll := River Oaks Loop with Allen Park Way Loop continuation
Hershey:= going through Terry Hershey Park (TH-Park Map) and also running on Barker Dam on the other side of Highway 6.
Blalock:=Starting from Memorial Park or from Elenor Tisley Park going on Memorial towards Blalock and back.
HoChi:= Ho Chi Minh Trail south of Memorial Park, is a jungle-like trail going through dense bushes and forrest with ups and down; however, the purple trail (estimated length 1.93M) has very good footing and can even be used for speed work.
H-Mem(Y)-H:= from home going to Memorial Park via Montrose/Pedestrian Bridge, then doing X loops in Memorial Park and back the same way; 10M, 12.9M, 15.9M, 18.8M for 1, 2, 3, 4 Memorial Park loops.
TownL:=10.2M loop around Town Lake in Austin
Shoal-Cr:=going down Shoalcreek in Austin towards Town Lake usually starting at Northcross continuing east on Foster Kane and then going south on Shoalcreek and back, running on the bike lane.
East Beach= Going from your Galveston hotel via Seawall to the east end of Galveston Island, then following the 5.2M East Beach Loop: south on Boddeker Drive, continuing on the beach going west for about a mile connecting via Apffel Park Road going north then west and then north again back to Seawall, possibly repeating this loop multiple times, and then running back to your Galveston hotel, usually seeing a lot of fisherman and
TM:= on treadmill

Yearly Summaries

Yearly Mileage: 1996:1511; 1997:1619; 1998: 1689; 1999:1877; 2000: 2125; 2001: 2157; 2002: 2392.5; 2003: 2101.0

Past Training Logs

Beginning 2000, Beginning 2001, Beginning 2002, Beginning 2003, Beginning 2004, Beginning 2005, End 1999, End 2000, End 2001, End 2002, End 2003, End 2010, Mid 1999, Mid 2000, Mid 2001, Mid 2002, Mid 2003, Mid 2004, Early 2010 , Late 2010, Early 2011, Late 2011, Late 2012, Early 2013, Late 2013, Early 2014, Late 2014, First Third 2015.

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