Christoph F. Eick's Second Third of 2016 Exercise Log
April 24, 2016 to Sept 4, 2016

Long Runs Easy Runs Steady Pace Marathon Pace LT-Pace VO2-Pace 1M-Pace Hills Swimming
9:10-10:45 9:45-11:30 9:30-10:00 8:50-9:30 8:35-8:55 8:00-8:30 7:50-8:10 Trails YS^2B

Day Distance WO Time Place Shoe Comment
4/25, 7:05a 5.4M easy 58:19 AllenR DST20 T=69+, H=94%- and mostly cloudy.
4/27, 6:20p 2.9M very easy Allen WR18 Ran only 2.5M, and had to shorten the workout due to stomach cramps. 183.2p.
4/29, 7:05a 5.3M easy 58:05 AllenR WR18 T=74+, H=94%- and mostly cloudy.
5/1, 7:15a 11.1M easy 2:03:57 H-Mem(1.63)-H R8 T=75-76, H=93-85%, mostly cloudy; so so run, but handled the distance well!
5/3, 7:05a 5.3M easy 58:48 AllenR DST20 T=61+, H=85%- and mostly cloudy.
5/4, 6:20p 5.5M steady 55:18 UH_DT2 WR18 T=82-, H=40%+ and sunny; decent, first faster run, since a while in quite warm conditions, but with low humidity: running miles 3 and 4 at 9:25-pace.
5/8, 5:25p 6.2M easy 1:08:48 AllenR DST20 T=76-, H=71%+ and overcast; was feeling nauseated almost the whole day yesterday, and had to cancel yesterday's planned 11M run; felt somewhat better today, although still somewhat tired! Unsually good conditions for 5:25p in May!
5/10, 6:55p 4.2M very easy Allen WR18 T=84- but low humidity, did not feel well in very warm conditions, and therefore, cut the run short.
5/12, 6:55a 5.7M easy 1:03:04 AllenR R8 T=72-74, H=93%.
5/13, 6:55p 5.3M easy 56:23 AllenR WR18 T=75-74, H=91% and partly cloudy after a lot of rain one hour earlier. Finally, an okay run.
5/17, 7:10a 5.8M easy 1:04:44 AllenR DST20 T=70, H=98% and overcast; not in the mood: did not feel like running 10M Sunday morning, and then it was raining a lot Sunday evening, and Monday I was somewhat sick; anyhow, I succeeded to finish this run without any problems, although running very slowly!
5/18, 7:15a 9.3M easy 1:47:17 (walked first 10 minutes of mile 9) H-Mem(1)-H R8 T=71-74, H=98-93%, overcast, except last 20 minutes; so so run; had to deal with stomach cramps on miles 3, 4 and 8, and therefore had to take to walk most of mile 9. The official measurement of this route is 9.26M! 182.6p.
5/20, 6:30p 5.3M easy 56:48 AllenR WR18 T=82-, H=68%+ and partly cloudy.
5/22, 7:30a 5.3M easy 57:48 AllenR WR18 T=79+-, H=95%- and mostly cloudy. Last run for WR18!
5/23, 11:30a YS^2B 12:SB 5x2sets Yo/Strch 7legs 3abs 12upbo Strength Workout on cruise ship!
5/24, 11a 6M walking and running! Key West T=82+, H=98%- and partly cloudy.
5/25, 5:35p YS^2B 15:SB 5x2sets Yo/Strch 9legs 3abs 14upbo Strength Workout on cruise ship!
5/27, noon YS^2B 6:SB 5x2sets Yo/Strch 9legs 3abs 18upbo Strength Workout on cruise ship!
5/27, 6:30p 5.5M easy 53:42 (38 laps) Carnival Ectasy DST20 T=80-, H=61%+ and partly cloudy.
5/30, 7:55a 6.1M 4.2M easy Allen DST20 T=78+; H=93%-, ran miles 2 and 3 at 10:30 pace, and suddenly felt strange, and decided to shorten the workout and to walk the last mile. 182.6p: did not gain any major weight on the cruise!
5/31, 7:05a 5.3M easy 57:38 AllenR R8 T=72+; H=95%-.
6/1, 6:25p YS^2B 25:SB 15:ROW 6legs 9upbo Was getting ready to run aroud 6p, but at 6:15p it rained cats and dogs, and I decided to change the workout!
6/3, 6:20p 5.4M easy 57:47 AllenR DST20 T=79; H=81%. 184.6p: getting fat again!
6/5, 7:05a 6.0M easy 1:07:07 AllenR DST20 T=71-73; H=97-93%. Quite slow today, particularly on the first 2 and the last mile!
6/7, 7:15a 5.2M easy 57:37 AllenR R8 T=72-74; H=93-88%.
6/8, 6:40p 5.2M easy 54:14 Allen DST20 T=88-86; H=56-62% good run: handled the heat really well!
6/10, 7:15a 5.5M easy 1:05:14 (walked 0.5 miles) UH_DT2 R8 T=76-80; H=96-90%; felt quite exhausted when I reached the Y-Bridge and walked for 0.5M; the problem with this route is that you do not have access to water for 3.6M! 183.4p.
6/12, 7:05a 3.5M aborted run Allen DST20 T=79+; had strange taste in my mouth, and aborted the run after 2.5M, walking the last mile!
6/14, 7:05a 5.3M easy 58:59 Allen R8 T=78-82, H=88-86% and partly cloudy.
6/15, 6:50a 5.4M easy 1:09:54 (walked last 1.4M) UH_DT2 DST20 T=80-83; H=91-87% and partly cloudy; felt quite exhausted again and walked the last 1.4M! 184.6p: time to lose some weight!
6/18, 7:25a 5.3M easy 1:03:12 (ran the first 4.75M) AllenR DST20 T=79-82, H=95-93% and partly cloudy. Felt miserable after 4M, but decided to sprint the next 1200, which worked!
6/20, 7:05a 3.7M (walk the last 0.7M) easy Allen R8 T=79-82, H=88-86% and mostly cloudy. Not in the mood!
6/20, 6:45p Swimming 28 minutes First swimm in 2016; 5 weeks delayed!
6/22, 7:15a 3.5M (walk the last 0.7M) easy Allen DST20 T=80-82, H=93-89% and partly cloudy. Not in the mood!
6/25, 7:00a 5.2M easy 59:39 Allen R8 T=79-81, H=91-88% and partly cloudy. Finally, finished an okay run without walking, inspite of too much red wine the evening before. 185.2p!!: no more cheese and bread in the late evening.
6/27, 6:55a 5.2M (walked last 0.4M) easy 1:01:04 Allen DST20 T=81-83, H=89-86% and partly cloudy.
6/29, 5:15p YS^2B 32:SB 12 upbo 3 legs walked 4M along 5th Street, Austin, seeing a blues band at Antone's! Using the Omni, South Austin excercise room.
7/1, 7a 7.3M easy 1:25:53 South Austin R8 T=78-82, H=82-78% and sunny; St. Elmo-extra_loop-NickolsCrossing-Strassney-I35-Directors; slowed down by water carrier, lack of side walks, and having to run in life traffic along St. Elmo and along I35.
7/2, 6:45a 6.4M easy 1:11:12 (walked 4x2 minutes) South Austin SNG8 T=79-81, H=91-81% and partly cloudy; Director-Friedrich-Terry-PleasValley&back with water carrier; ran a decent time, inspite of walking 8 min total on uphills; ran miles 2 and 3 at 10:40-pace, but then felt exhausted, and slowed down a lot. First run for SNG8!
7/6, 6:35p Swimming 38 minutes Chest tighness but went away after taking a nap, and I went to swimm without any problems. Last 20 labs in 26 minutes---might have been 22?! In quite hot water, as the high was 95 today!
7/7, 6:55a 3.0M very easy Allen R8 T=82-84 H=91% and sunny; not in the mood to run the the heat today: ran half of I was supposed to run! 184.0p.
7/7, 6:30p YS^2B 30:SB Makeup for shortend workout in the morning!
7/9, 6:55a 4.9M (walked 0.9M) easy AllenR DST20 T=79-81,H=89-% and sunny.
7/10, 7:10a 5.5M (walked 1M) easy Allen SNG8 T=79-81,H=94-% and overcast.
7/11, 6:55p Swimming 42 minutes
7/12, 7:10a 4.4M (walked 0.7M) easy AllenR R8 T=79-81,H=92-% and sunny.
7/14, 6:45a 5.3M easy 59:15 AllenR SNG8 T=81-83,H=89-86% and sunny; finally, finished a run without walking; last one was on June 25! 185.0p!
7/16, 7:20a 5.5M easy Allen DST20
7/19, 11:35a YS^2B 44:SB 6x2sets Yo/Strch Strength Workout in Ramada Hotel Newark!
7/20, 3:35p YS^2B 44:SB 6x2sets Yo/Strch Strength Workout in Ramada Hotel Newark!
7/22, 7:20a 7.5M easy 1:28:18 (walked 1M) Central Park Loop, New York City SNG8 T=76-80, H=79-74% and partly cloudy; okay run as I ran miles 1, 2, and 5 at 10:55-pace.
7/31, 7:10a 5.1M (walked the second half) easy 1:20:40 Allen R8 T=80-85, H=80-85% and partly cloudy. Did not run for 8 days due to bad sinus infection followed by a bad bacterial infection that struck me down badly for 4-5 days. Pulled some lower calf muscle after 2.5M. 181.8p.
2/8, 7:00a 1.6M aborted run Allen DST20 Lower calf muscle still tight and sore!
8/3, 10:20a YS^2B 42:SB Workout in my apartment complex!
8/6, 7:30a 3.8M (ran first 2.2M) easy 56:40 Allen DST20 T=80-83, H=89-87% and partly cloudy. Lower calf muscle was feeling okay for the first 2 miles, but then felt tight and sore; will try Monday morning again, as things at least felt significantly better than on Tuesday!
8/7, 10:20a YS^2B 36:SB 18 sets Str./Stetch/Yoga 4Hi,3Cob,3Br,2X,2SA,2:30Ker, 3ShoLift Workout in my apartment complex! 181.2p.
8/10, 7:00a 4.2M (ran first 3.7M) easy 52:42 Allen R8 T=82-86, H=86-81% and sunny. Lower calf muscle was almost okay, feeling only a little tight at the end. Felt kind of challenged and not feeling that great running the the first 3.7M in that warm conditions: I guess I am quite out of shape, running very little the last 3 weeks. Time to get bacl into shape!
8/12, 7:10a 5.2M (ran first 4.2M) easy 1:03:33 AllenR DST20 T=82-86, H=91-86% and sunny. 181.2p.
8/14, 11:00a 8.1M (walked 0.8M) easy 1:38:02 Loop around Lake_Union, Seattle from DT R8 T=65-68, H=54-51% and partly cloudy. Ran from DownTown Seattle via West Lake to Lake Union then Fairview, East Lake Ave, NorthLake crossing over the UW side, NE Pacific, running on the Burke Gilman Trail again after 17 years(!), crossing the Fremont Bridge back on WestLake again then Stewart back to my hotel at Olive&4th---with water carrier. Pretty good run considering my lack of training in the last 4 weeks, basically running 7.3M in Seattle conditions, but felt quite exhausted after the run! Was very well motivated after seeing the Olympic Women's Marathon on Canadian TV earlier in the morning!
8/16, 7:10a 9.3M easy 1:47:07 DT to Ballard via BGT SNG8 T=62-63, H=78-75% and mostly cloudy. Ran from DownTown Seattle via West Lake to Fremont Bridge and then to Ballard on the Burke Gilman Trail, adding 0.5 extra miles, when BGT ended and back. Decent run with my water carrier as I ran the whole way without walking, also running 25 seconds per mile faster than 2 days ago.
8/13-8/16 12M Major Walking 2+6+2+2=12 Miles Seattle, Washington Major walking touring the streets, parks, and sites of Seattle!
8/17, 6:50a 6.0M easy 1:12:36 DT to Myrtle Edward Park R8 T=65-70, H=74-71% and partly cloudy. Ran from DownTown Seattle (with water carrier) to the Park that was only medium scenic, but running next to the Pudget Sound was nice; moreover, there were some interesting scultures on the way to look at. Kind of slow today after yesterday's tough run!
8/18, 6:20p 5.2M easy 57:27 AllenR R8 T=82, H=90% and partly cloudy; temperature was 78 at 5p after some afternoon rain showers but then the sun come out, making this a tough evening run; ran a decent pace considering the conditions and the fact that that I ran 3 days in a row; felt quite sore after the run! 182.8p: did not lose any weight in Seattle, inspite all this running and walking.
8/20, 6:50a 10.1M (walked 3.25M) easy 2:14:04 H-Mem(1.3)-H SNG8 T=78-86, H=98-87% and sunny; tough run; had some digestive problems the first 4 miles---likely, too much red peppers on the pizza I ate last night, but then felt weak and somewhat exhausted after 6 miles and walked most of the last 4 miles; I guess increasing the weekly mileage from 10 to 30 was too much for my body!
8/21, 5:20p Swimming 35 minutes Beginning of the Swimm Season II: Sunday, August 21 to Saturday, October 29, 2016, planning to have 13-14 swimms total; Swimm Season I 2016, for whatever reasons, never happened!
8/22, 6:45a 6.1M(walked 0.8M) easy 1:14:17 Allen DST20 T=78-81, H=95-93% and sunny. Ran about 11:15 pace miles 2-5, but then felt somewhat exhausted and mostly walked the last mile!
8/24, 6:50a 11.0M 5.8M (walked second half) very easy H-Mem(0)-H R8 Did not feel great, and aborted the planned semi-long run!
8/26, 6:50a 5.3M (walked 0.3M) easy 1:01:22 Allen DST20 T=76-79, H=97-93% and mostly cloudy. Okay run; however, in most recent runs my legs feel heavy and tired, particularly at the beginning---not sure what this is all about...
8/26, 6:10p Swimming 37 minutes Rare double workout, as I did not feel like swimming Thursday evening. The last 20 minutes of the swimm happened in pouring rain: I enjoyed it! 182.8p.
8/28, 6:50a 5.1M easy 58:09 Allen R8 T=76-77; H=95% mostly cloudy, then light drizzel at the end. Did not feel like running, and definitely not in the mood to run 11M today; however, my mindset changed near the end, and after starting very very slowly the first 3 miles, but I ran the last 2 miles in 10:35-pace. Still quite out of shape, as running 10:35-pace felt like sprinting!
8/29, 6:05p 6.0M (walked 0.5M) easy 1:07:21 Allen DST20 T=80, H=87% and partly cloudy; ran pretty well about 10:35-pace on miles 3 and 4, but then after eating a gu, I got some stomach cramps and had to walk for half a mile, but ran mile 6 in 10:35-pace again. Only the second evening run in July&August, due to the hot, no rain weather we had in July and the first half of August.
8/31, 6:50a 11.0M (walked miles 7, 9 and 11) easy 2:20:40 (10:53(Mile8)...10:53(Mile10)) H-Mem(1.6)-H SNG8 T=79-83, H=89-85%, partly cloudy; decent run, inspite of the 3 miles of walking, as I ran miles 8 and 10 at a reasonable pace!
9/2, 6:50a 5.0M easy 54:05 AllenR DST20 T=80, H=86% and sunny. Decent run!
9/2, 6:00p Swimming 38 minutes Another double workout, as I did not feel like swimming Thursday evening, again.
9/3, 7:10a 7.0M steady 1:15:45 UH_DT3 R8 T=77-79, H=84-80% and partly cloudy with NE wind. First run in slightly faster pace this summer; ran well in favorable weather conditions, but felt quite exhausted, and was breathing hard for a few minutes after the run. Ran 29 miles this week, and a 9-mile hike is still awaiting tomorrow.
9/4, 8:30a 150 minutes at 3.3M/h Major Hiking 9.0M Hiking the trails south of Memorial Park. HB T=80-87, H=90-80% and partly cloudy; with Houston Trails & More Meetup Group.


BoBoo5:= Adizero Boston Boost 5 m; M29704; size 11; 9.0 oz (size 9), RW 33/82/40/31/45/67; bought on October 24, 2014; first run don October 29, 2014; 131.1M as off August 31, 2016. In contrast, to the elite-popular Adidas Adizero Adios Boost profile 20/87/15/19/16/61, the Boston is about 1 oz heavier, somewhat stiffer, slightly higher and has more, although not a lot, forefoot cushioning. In contrast to the Brooks Launch, the shoe is stiffer, has significantly less forefoot cushioning, is significantly lower, and has more stability features.
WR18:= Mizuno Wave Rider 18; J1GC150303 410654.9073, white-black-lightgreen, size 11; 10.4 oz (size 11), quite light, 59/66/54/39/59/96; less cushioned and much stiffer compared to the previous versions; bought on February 14, 2015, first run on June 3, 2015; retired with 499.1M on May 22, 2016.
DST20:= Asics Gel-DS Trainer 20; T528N 4293, blue-silver-black, size 11.5; 10.1 oz (size 11, DST 19), RW 50/75/64/51/54/38 (Trainer 19); bought on July 25, 2015, first run on August 9, 2015, 389.5M as off August 31, 2016. Never liked this shoe too much; consequently, it will be retired prematurely on September 15 2016!
R8:= Saucony Ride 8 medium is a light, very stiff shoe with a lot of forefoot and less heel cushioning, SIL/RED/CTN, S20273-1, mediun, size 11; 9.6 oz; 55/84/51/39/67/98 (Ride 7); bought on Feb. 27, 2016; first run on March 20, 2016, 152.5M as off August 31, 2016.
SNG8:= Adidas Supernova Glide 8, size 11; 10.9 oz; 48/70/67/63/71/41 (Glide 7); bought on May 14, 2016; first run July 2, 2016, 55.7M as off August 31, 2016.

Running Routes

Allen:=Allen Park Way 4.75 miles loop; mildly rolling mostly on asphalt, also called Eleanor Tinsley Park and Buffalo Bayou Trail
UH_DT:= going to Sabine Bridge via Taft and then continuing north east on a new narrow bike path along Buffalo Bayou to the door steps of UH-Downtown and back---a 5.0M run from where I live; the slightly longer route UH-DT2, returning via PM-Bridge and Y-bridge via Montrose, finishing on Clay is 5.5M, and UH_DT3 going back via the long, new bridge is 6.8M
UH_Allen:= 7.4M doing the Allen Parkway loop with a side trip to UH Downtown.
MemPa:=Memorial Park 2.93 miles packed dirt trail loop
RiceHerm:=Rice University and Herrman Park Loop
RiceBraes:= Modified 6.7M route of the BCRR Wednesday 6.57M Route going from Rice University to the Medical Center via Braes Bayou turning of the bayou at Montclair and then going north on Morningside at the water fountain, turning right/left into Swift/Stockton (estimated length 6.76M).
RivOk :=River Oaks Loop
RivOkAll := River Oaks Loop with Allen Park Way Loop continuation
Hershey:= going through Terry Hershey Park (TH-Park Map) and also running on Barker Dam on the other side of Highway 6.
HoChi:= Ho Chi Minh Trail south of Memorial Park, is a jungle-like trail going through dense bushes and forrest with ups and down; however, the purple trail (estimated length 1.93M) has very good footing and can even be used for speed work.
H-Mem(Y)-H:= from home going to Memorial Park via Montrose/Pedestrian Bridge, then doing X loops in Memorial Park and back the same way; 10M, 12.9M, 15.9M, 18.8M for 1, 2, 3, 4 Memorial Park loops.
TownL:=10.2M Town Lake Trail in Austin
Shoal-Cr:=going down Shoalcreek in Austin towards Town Lake usually starting at Northcross continuing east on Foster Kane and then going south on Shoalcreek and back, running on the bike lane.
East Beach:= Going from your Galveston hotel via Seawall to the east end of Galveston Island, then following the 5.2M East Beach Loop: south on Boddeker Drive, continuing on the beach going west for about a mile connecting via Apffel Park Road going north then west and then north again back to Seawall, possibly repeating this loop multiple times, and then running back to your Galveston hotel, usually seeing a lot of fisherman.
TM:= on treadmill

Yearly Summaries

Yearly Mileage: 1996:1511; 1997:1619; 1998: 1689; 1999:1877; 2000: 2125; 2001: 2157; 2002: 2392.5; 2003: 2101.0

Past Training Logs

Beginning 2000, Beginning 2001, Beginning 2002, Beginning 2003, Beginning 2004, Beginning 2005, End 1999, End 2000, End 2001, End 2002, End 2003, End 2010, Mid 1999, Mid 2000, Mid 2001, Mid 2002, Mid 2003, Mid 2004, Early 2010 , Late 2010, Early 2011, Late 2011, Late 2012, Early 2013, Late 2013, Early 2014, Late 2014, First Third 2015, Second Third 2015, Third Third 2015, First Third 2016.

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